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You Want Our Wombs? We're Coming For Your Testicles


You Want Our Wombs? We're Coming For Your Testicles

Dar’shun Kendrick

The "Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act" (HB 481)—the “heartbeat” bill that I am rebranding as the “Women’s Womb Takeover” bill—passed in the Georgia House of Representatives by just two votes last week. All Democrats present voted against the measure except one, and some Republicans either walked or voted “no.”

This is why I drafted my “testicular bill of rights” and tweeted:


Would this Testicular Bill Of Rights apply to all the Congressional Republicans that have allowed Trump to remove their balls and keep them in a jar at the White House?


Dar’shun Kendrick is so correct.

Reproductive rights is one of the most contentious subjects in the country and probably the world. More emphasis needs to be placed on the facts. A woman’s life including her person (read mind, body, spirit) belongs to her alone and she alone makes the rules about her person.

This is not a subject to take lightly as many place their politics on this one subject. More serious discussion is imperative. Economics is dependent on the families ability to provide for each child. Because “the government” continues to erode all social safety measures including the very essence of progress for each individual that is EDUCATION, the country is in the business of producing poverty and slavery.


The way this country is going it makes more and more sense why we needed the great flood. It’s all going in one direction.


How abuot outlawing male masturbation? Doesn’t one of the books in “the Bible” say that it is a sin to “spill your seed”? Each and every one of those dead sperm was part of a potential future human! Jacking off is mass murder!


As if we don’t have enough people on this planet! Child free is the way to go- these anti life people hate actual people , have fetus fetishes , hate birth control of any kind, . Notice I called them anti life rather than pro life . Why have all the deciding factors made by the women? Don’t men need to use birth control also? Sick of everything being put on women as if we aren’t people! We need a female leader- one who is sane and not a narcissitic pieve of garbage.


Let’s see - with over 50% of the US population living in or near poverty don’t these idiotics connect to reality? Nope! They are on another planet or waiting to be raptured up to one!


we don’t need a to pick a leader just because she has a womb. A good, decent, leader of any sex that cares about women’s issues along with everyone else’s is what we need.


You mean Liz Cheney, right?


if I could modestly suggest amending Kendrick’s bill so that before any prostate cancer surgery or radiation (which might lower the possibility of fathering a child) to require a 48 hour waiting period, permission of parents and/or wife, and the man must have required counseling from nuns or witches and must watch a film showing the details of such surgery including close-ups of the tissue to be cut and what it looks like undergoing the knife.


The Right -wing has always believed in…Love the fetus , hate the baby. WTF kind of thinking is that. And who the hell are men to say anything about what a woman does to her own body?. Shut the hell up on this one men. As a man it infuriates me to hear another man saying anything about what a woman should do with her body. I say until men start having babies. We as men have nothing to say about a womans decision of her own person. Women are human beings with thinking minds. Treat our women good cause the universe is watching. To all men now would be a good time to support our women for the women of the world are poised to take over all leadership roles in the world. And I for one can’t wait. Men have messed up our entire world. Time for a course and attitude change.


It’s about the right to privacy over our health care, period. I don’t interfere in the healthcare of anyone else. I expect the same from legislators. If they insist on invading the health privacy of women, there must be reciprocity. The Supreme Court has upheld the privacy rights of women. This has to end.


The US is the only developed country that never had a female leader!


Thank you! Yes indeed- and women can only get pregnant from sperm which is produced by men!


You’re wierd.


Your types are also against using any type of protection including condoms. Using birth control is not killing a child. And a woman is in charge of her own body - not you. Next time you want to use viagra- that also might be illegal.


You sound like a wacko! Soon you’ll have visions of dancing fetuses in your head. Also, without sperm from you or anyone else , women cannot get pregnant ( did you know that)? But men are “never” responsible - it’s always the evil woman! You probably also think that it is okay to rape women and force them to have a rapist’s baby. You are sick!


Overpopulated Earth doesn’t need “potential humans.” It’s got enough actual humans now!


I see- this is none of your business. Also, what about vasectomies? Or wait a minute- according to you condoms should be illegal because after all that precious seed of yours could drip and that could be your future baby! You must be from another planet. Plus you probably hate other species of animals, and according to you there is no overpopulation because after all all of you will be raptured up to Mars!


Way too many! Right on to you- please google population connection, and support the cause!