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You Want Our Wombs? We're Coming For Your Testicles


Did you think a fetus would grow without sperm or the woman’s body- or is a woman just a host to another baby for you? I feel sorry for any woman you have a relationship with- a total lack of respect!


Intentionally inflammatory political bullshit. Delusional. Sick. Get a life.


I love you, too!


Thank you for saying that!


Hey again thank you! He probably also believes the Earth is flat , and is waiting for a fetus to rapture him up to Mars!


You love him? Now, that is sick


Your proposal might seem satirical except that the Catholic Church long opposed many practices popular with males, including condoms, masturbation, oral sex and what was quaintly termed “coitus interruptus.” When I was a lad in Catholic school decades ago, a specially trained priest was brought in to give us the official church view on such practices, viz. that they were all mortal sins leading to an eternity in hell.


Except for them to abuse children that was okay, right?