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You Will Have Social Security Just Like Your Parents and Grandparents—If You Fight to Keep It!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/05/you-will-have-social-security-just-your-parents-and-grandparents-if-you-fight-keep

It was Obama, a democratic president, who attempted to reduce the deficit on the backs of the poor and elderly, by reducing social security benefits. Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi, along with Hillary Clinton, supported Obama’s plan. Hopefully our next democratic president won’t follow in Obama’s footsteps. There is a better than average chance Biden would.

“Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you.” - George Carlin - The American Dream


Well, if you ignore the politicians in this case you could end up with no Social Security. Obama should have been dumped in 2012 for a lot of reasons, one of them his shameless “Grand Bargain” undermining of Social Security. Of course there was also his reneging on the pledge to make card-check unionization the law as his first act as President–something he never did while he had a Democratic Congress. But I digress.

As long as we have elections, people should be voting for only candidates with a proven record of defending progressive things we still have, like the Bill of Rights and Social Security. Of course we need to take to the streets too, but getting people to defend what we do have in Congress is important too. A thing to remember as we head into a primary season.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


I am 73 years old and right out of high school and my first job I was told SS would not be around blah blah blah. Yes I do want incremental increases in SS that actually covered the real inflation rate not the cocked down rate the financier use, I am on a budget and do know how much food and energy and housing costs and it hasn’t been a measly 2% more like 10 or 20%, And then there is the higher taxes we pay because the corrupted scammers don’t pay taxes like Amazon, Google, Exxon Mobile et al. They could not get SS funds so going after everything else they can scram legally from hiding funds overseas and having their lobbyists write the laws so it is not illegal to do what they do and when they get caught it is just a fine. Fines must be a line item on their balance sheet


and why I am voting for Bernie. he has been consistent for over 50 years. we do need to get to streets and let DNC we won’t stand for their shenanigans.

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I suggest that things like the 401k plans in the USA and the equivalent RRSP plans up here in Canada were ways the Governments envisioned scaling back on OAS or Social security payments in the distant futures. Just as they cook the books with inflation numbers they would come back with legislation to claw back benefits if the person had other income sources.

This is very much why Sanders is right on the nature of Medicare for all. It can not be a policy that is based on a persons income in what it delivers.


Agree, and the 401k plans funneled huge amounts of money into our national casino, AKA the stock market, where the financial predator’s have a chance to pick their bones clean.

Even the theoreticians who came up with the 401(k) concede it was wrongly presented as an alternative to Social SEcurity and as a way for companies to escape paying workers pensions in retirement. It was a total fraud and trick to get people to accept Social Security cuts.

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