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You Would Think It Would Be Impossible to Lose Ground to Trump and the GOP—But You'd Be Wrong


You Would Think It Would Be Impossible to Lose Ground to Trump and the GOP—But You'd Be Wrong

John Atcheson

Imagine having the good fortune to run against a Party which is systematically screwing the people who voted for it; abandoning science; blatantly lying, dissembling, and deceiving on just about everything; appointing lobbyists, cronies and ideologues for the purpose of eviscerating agencies that enjoy the support of the majority of Americans (after promising to drain the swamp); and basically navigating on an irrational, ad hoc basis with no semblance of a strategic plan.


Are you listening Democratic Party? Are you listening Lrx, and Kc2669?


No. Hell no.


As a lifelong independent watching the duopoly drama queens–the Republican and Democratic Parties–I am always amazed that the “thinking party”, that is the Democrats, never understands that the Republicans rule by emotionalism. One can’t reason with the amygdala, only frighten, anger, or soothe it.


“Fortunately, there’s a grass toots rebellion going on within the Party.”

Huh? A grass toots rebellion? I’m struggling to keep a straight face here!


Let’s hope Tuesday’s primary sends a clear message that even the neoliberals and DLC Democrats can’t ignore.

Can’t ignore? Wanna’ bet? The only thing the party leadership can’t ignore is money. Period. The party doesn’t want those pesky progressives stinking up their corporate money train, no matter how many progressives win on Tuesday. Now there’s talk of running Uncle Joe Biden against Trump in 2020. That’s a move guaranteed to keep even more voters at home on 2020 than in 2016. These people are hopeless.


Hopeless and heedless, with ears tightly plugged. (emoticon of hear no evil monkey.)


The true function of the modern Democratic party is never to seek meaningful reform, but rather to divert the energy of reform, of empathy, reason, humanity, and channel it away from any possibility of true reform. Cosmetic reform at best, but always with the intent of preserving corporate/military rule. In an election year, they are always Lucy, holding the football for Charlie Brown once again to kick, always with the same results.

They don’t even care about winning elections anymore, they just exist to collect campaign money and to support the illusion that someday, some way, the system might be reformed.

I despise the Republican Party, & will never vote for a Republican.

But you are better off wishing on a star than voting Democrat.

Because even when they win, you still lose.


You make the mistake many do in assuming that the Democrats are inept…instead of corrupt. They do what they on purpose and to great effect. Their job is no longer to confront and defeat a republican party. Their purpose is to divide the left and prevent any kind of progressive candidates or movements from succeeding. That is it…nothing more. They are actually quite effective in their evil way.


The Democratic party; “grasping defeat from the jaws of victory”. How many times does this have to happen for voters to COMPLETELY abandon the party? Look at the state governments that have turned all Republican during the last 10 yrs. You don’t have to be a fucking genius to figure out that SOMETHING you’re doing is dead wrong. Look, the people the party puts up as candidates don’t give the voters anything to vote for. The Trumpies are at least offering feel good propaganda to their supporters and they are STILL eating it up. The Dems offer nada. With that in mind, “who would you vote for in the midterms”?.


Leaders like Chuck Schumer are working for money to get elected. But shouldn’t getting elected be means to an end, not an end in itself? Ignoring and at times even opposing the will of the majority on vital issues for money garners only worthless victory, personal service empty of value, and prostitutes self and office. The same applies to his cohorts in money appeasement. Washington is infested with money grubbers, and the Supreme Court in its wisdom has entrenched that.


There is a lot of good news for the Democrats. The restricting in Pennsylvania and North Carolina should help the Democrats pick up several seats in the House. Connor Lambs victory in a very conservative district of Pennsylvania which Trump won by 20 points showed that a Centrist Democrat who nonetheless strongly supports social programs like social security can win in a conservative district. The DCCC is supporting other centrist candidates in conservative districts and according to the polls this should pay off. Of course in very blue district it makes sense to run very progressive candidates. They can support thing like a ban a assault rifles and single payer heathcare and not get hurt politically A winning strategy is obvious, run more centrist candidates in conservative districts and more progressive candidates in more left-leaning districts. Democratic leaders are smart enough to grasp that and not listen to people urging them to run progressive candidates everywhere.




It’s pretty basic, nothing new: Research has consistently confirmed that most voting choices come down to economic issues. Dems split apart their voting base in the 1990s, middle class vs. poor, and the Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent. There has been a powerful resistance against addressing this issue. Dems ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s, and stuck us with NAFTA/TPP. Job losses have well exceeded job gains throughout this time. While the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation, liberal media has not seen this as an issue of public interests. Further work has gone into more deeply dividing us by race, etc.


When an R is president, Ds normally make gains in Congress, and vice-versa. Based both on US voting habits and the deep split among Dems, Trump is almost certain to be re-elected in 2020.


Read the comments sections, and you will see very soon that the illusion of which you speak is very real to most hard line Democrats. Terms and phrases like “it’s pragmatism,” “that’s called reality,” “one step at a time,” and “you can’t have everything at once,” etc. etc. dominate every discussion.

Democrats as a party have become professional losers and second-raters, while the established “leaders” get richer and more established. Look at the Nancy Pelosis, Diane Feinsteins, Chuck Schumers, et al who will be in positions of ‘almost power’ eternally. No matter how low the party sinks in the polls, these people (and Hillary Clinton) will never stop raking in the dough or controlling the debate.

They have conditioned the majority to believe that reform is just around the corner, all we have to do is give the Republicans this or that little thing to get “bipartisan support.” Just trust us, and before you know it, we’ll all be reaping the benefits, just as soon as we fund this next war, expansion of the security state, and get the surveillance network fully operational. Just a few conditions of the other guys, so that we can have our glorious corporate insurance.

Wait, you say we want single payer? Leaders: “Never gonna happen. Let’s work with Republicans to get a corporate insurance plan we can agree on and force everyone to buy it.” Constituency: “Wow! First step to single payer!” How much more can we ask for?"

This is not incompetence as so many like to claim. This is not clumsy, ineffectual management. This is by design, as anyone should be able to see as every time Republicans are in power we leap further into the abyss, and when Democrats take over they act as placeholders at best. Slow it down a little, expand the fascist state a bit more slowly, and then, do it all over again next time.


The democrats wonder what they can say to bring people back to the party.
The party has to come back to the people.


Since the centrist thingy did so well in 2016, right?


The Dems’ problem is bigger than that. The bottom line (as research has consistently shown) is that most people vote on economic issues. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, for the common good. This base was split apart in the 1990s, and the Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent. It matters that, in 2016, roughly half of all voters rejected both Trump and Clinton, for some of the same reasons (they voted third party or withheld their votes).


Here are some issues Democrats could run on and win:

  • Medicare for all
  • Free higher education
  • Universal Basic Income
  • No Citizens United, no lobbyists, no political “donations” or revolving doors.
  • Legalized Pot
  • Take back the Public Airwaves
  • Electronic Direct Democracy secured by Encryption and Blockchain

Democrats will probably lose, but Democratic Socialists could win.