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You'll Love Naomi Klein's Take on the Pope's Popularity


You'll Love Naomi Klein's Take on the Pope's Popularity

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Author and activist Naomi Klein joined a panel discussion on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show Wednesday and shared her thoughts on why Pope Francis' messages seem to be resonating so well with huge numbers of people.

The segment aired the day ahead of the pope's historic address to U.S. Congress.


How about letting Naomi Klein speak a little?
Yeah it's a comedy show & all, but the other stuff being said
was going ... nowhere. What a waste.


Obviously she does not get enough soap boxes in your opinion....


But if there's someone who can talk sense to those people who somehow believe in this, the kind of sense that might save our planet from the hell that carbon burning has in store for us, then I'm all for it.


Actually, and particularly in light of ongoing discoveries in quantum physics, it is increasingly difficult to say anything else exists as well.


I always thought the Pope's garments resembled something more akin to what an elderly grandmother type would wear, say Carly Fiorina ( does anyone here see Carly remaking Sunset Blvd./Gloria Swanson role ?) in 5 years. Ya' know, an elaborately draped bath robe with red sequined slippers, white shower cap and a life alert button around her neck in case she fell in the tub. I guess everyone sees something different in the Popes' and Sen. Sanders' appearances. Naomi Klein isn't as off-the-wall as I've been led to believe. :sunglasses:


Is that about the Church's 16th century encyclicals after Pope Benedict the Last had electro-shock therapy? For willful forgetting regarding numerous cover ups in Germany/Vatican City when he was a bishop, then Pope, perhaps? :wink: And, I've read Klein's Shock Doctrine and it's very interesting, btw.


Today's RCC clerical garb was really stylish in the 13th century -- everyone wore it, from kings and popes on down to just above the peasant class. The peasants wore trouserlegs tied at the waist, a blouse-y top over them, and a caped hood (Frank's shoulder cape is reminiscent) over that. Then the fashion industry had to go and invent the houpelonde and suddenly the surplice was surplus.


How had you been led to believe she was off-the-wall? I mean what did you think made her off-the-wall?


Just remarking on her comparison of the Pope and Bernie. Most old woman dress like the Pope until about 10:00 AM unless they're going out to lunch, of course. :wink:


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Its a totally off the wall subject, but one that I enjoy saying my little bit:-

If we had a 2D world, then a being that lives in 3D is a god. He or she can make anything appear in the 2D plane by just passing through it. To a 2D being, anything 3D is a god.

Ever heard of string or membrane theory. It turns out that in order to make relativity and quantum theory exist simultaneously we need an 11 dimensional world. So this theory posits a world with 11 dimensions. Plenty of room for god in those 11 dimensions, I would say, and I am almost an atheist!

P.S. Just where did the matter in the big bang come from? It just appeared, as if from another dimension.


I (and 4thefuture) don't know what is out there as we are limited to the dimensions we now exist, and haven't yet fully mastered or fully understand what is or what might be.


Sorry, he ain't Sanders in a dress - haven't heard Sanders say anything like

"Here we have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood. In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade."

when he votes for more military aid to Israel ...


Is anyone other than me concerned over the fact that while visiting the richest and only advanced nation on Earth that denies access to medical care not to just one human being (which morally is considered totally unacceptable everywhere else in the civilized world but here), but to tens of millions of them...the Pope does not even mention the fact? Our 33 million uninsured people (one out of every ten of us) are completely invisible. I have never witnessed anything like it. I don't think the world has either. He brought up everything else but this. Where is our collective disconnect on this issue? Truly a bigger, badder "Lie of Omission" has never been told. Evil does triumph when not even the Pope will say or even try to do anything about it. This injustice is due to insatiably greedy, amoral corporations buying corrupt leaders who smile beautiful smiles and laugh as if there is nothing wrong. ("You leave 30 million people completely uninsured for as far as our eyes can see while increasing private health unsurance corporations' stock prices an average 300% AND get credit for passing "universal healthcare"? Bwahahahaha!" Leaving private health unsurance corporations (the most amoral private corporations in human existence..and that is not hyperbole) in charge of our healthcare, making them even bigger, richer and more powerful than ever, is not just morally wrong but fiscally insane. We do need to wake up because we are the only advanced nation on Earth that not only tolerates what was just done but also supports and defends it. Shame on us for being so easily misled about something that is so important. Obamacare is to Democrats what climate change is to Republicans (denial of the truth based on facts and evidence).


Maybe not god as a bearded white man sitting on a throne, but god as a term to describe the material and life force processes of the universe?


from a black hole from another universe perhaps ????? a subtle knife ?? a four way hit of sunshine ??


Naomi is a gorgeous Jewess. I love her big Barbara-Streisandesque nose.


I think the Pope's frequent condemnations of greed and inequalities include the tens of millions of the uninsured in the US and elsewhere.


There are a lot of issues not mentioned. One is the totally criminal, out of control, for profit incarceration system. But he would need a longer visit to talk of everything.