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Young Activists Aren’t Waiting For Anyone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/20/young-activists-arent-waiting-anyone

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Great article .Now I know why the older generations couldn’t give a monkey’s about the benefits and sustainability of growing Hemp as a substitute for so many nonrenewable resources.

They care only for the now, we must care for the seventh generation.

Actions not words .

People vote for the three S’s

Fear drives this ,that’s more important than freedom for many at the moment.


I was an environmentalist from the day I could think and could not understand why everyone wasn’t also. While I took my cause to the limit of a career in teaching and research in environmental science/engineering, anyone can contribute to a better environment. I will never understand how people tolerate pollution of any sort nor how corporations will “out of sight–out of mind” their waste streams at any chance to enhance the bottom line. Money, as it is defined in today’s terms, is the greatest threat to the environment–it must be restructured to eliminate externalities of all kinds.


My generation (b. ~1950) thought that they were so smart. Along with the so-called “greatest generation” they should get awards for destroying this planet and their own society. The young people today got educations inferior in many ways than ours, yet they are reaching far smarter and wiser political conclusions. Perhaps we have a good case of economics trumping formal education in the shaping of consciousness.

I can’t stop thinking " publicly avowed heterosexual "

Similar here. I got Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” as a Christmas or birthday gift when it came out. Only at that time the relationship between the pre-existing natural environments and human-created environments was not so clear in terms of consequences in your face as it is now to as many people. Not that it wasn’t there for anyone to see. Carson did a good job of giving us the information of before and after and showing us what that extrapolated to for the future.

On the other hand, the chart in this article is nearly worthless, pitting two vastly different age ranges against each other. 15-24 is 9 years and 25-69 is 44 years, far too large for useful comparisons. Surely someone has a better break down using more and smaller and more consistent age ranges. And what about above 69? That would be of interest to some of us, especially those of us who’ve programmed databases all these years.

Now I have a sad. Just went through my library I could not find my copy. Can not remember to whom I lent it out, but hope they read and absorbed the message. Maybe even passed it on to others who would do the same. Perhaps a better fate than collecting dust on my shelf. Nature taught me how to love her, and I thank her for that daily. I scratch my head as to how so many can miss the message.

So this is how Cultural Domination folks end… not by fire or flood, but by offing themselves, having lost sight of the ONLY thing that really matters, after all: that one should always strive to make the world a better place, for everyone in it.

But that task DOES need doing, and we all owe a bit of EFFORT to the task.

Let me speak directly to those who need my words (you know who you are).

If you are expressly forbidden by your propaganda masters to think about such things as improving everyone’s lot (and yes, that includes ALL people), then I guess maybe there IS no central purpose to your life that you can see. Which might explain your suicide.

You let yourself be convinced by propaganda pushers that no one cared about anything, and that the good guys (relatively speaking, of course) were all really crooked, Rich, crooked, fat, stupid, EVIL, idiotic, crooked, child abusers – and oh yeah CROOKED…

Well, if all you can see is that nonsensical evil-labels crapola (You can’t do “evil” if “no one cares,” can you?), then now you can’t even SEE good things anymore. You’ve ruined your mind for the good stuff, because now you have a raging hair-trigger. It seems a lot more people are presently “ruining their lives” that way (some things ARE relative)… by not being able to face the EFFORT of reconstructing their lives from the ground up in many cases, once they contract a bit of SENSE.

Ask Monica Lewinsky, if it’s hard to come back… Sometimes, life’s a bullet you’ve got to bite.

But your unfortunate propaganda habit has SEVERED your heart from your head, which now has no governor, to keep it from spinning too fast. I’m afraid it’s now lost in the cause, though - and a lost heart is a fricking CHORE to find…

But maybe you can learn something from Blacks, who’ve suffered your life-destroyers for all of their history in this country. So ask them, or ask women, how to rise up yet again in the face of trials, and maybe you can develop the courage to live.

Ask black women.