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Young America


Young America

Randall Amster

Nearly a century ago, Mohandas Gandhi started a new publication to share his vision of nonviolent organizing, filling it with inspiring quotations and political insights. He titled the journal Young India, to indicate that its teachings were intended to help the people plan for eventual independence, fusing the methods of building a movement with those required to begin (re)building a nation. Gandhi saw the means and ends as interconnected, and reflected this in his personal practices and societal aspirations.


" If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are going to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with children."
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


These kids are angry enough to bolt both D’s and R’s and lay groundwork for a widespread Green movement. Fingers crossed. Standing with them all the way.


I am so encouraged to see young people getting active and organizing on the issue of gun control. They may accomplish something that we adults have failed to do for decades. Remember, the last time young people in this country got active and organized on a large scale was the Vietnam war protests. I was there. They have my full support.


Once a rational person understands that there’s something out there that can kill them, they will be motivated to work on not getting killed. For our generation, it was the Vietnam War. The nightly TV news reports increased the awareness of the ugliness of the Vietnam War. The young men knew the draft hung over their heads. The youth movement had great energy. These conditions led over 500,000 people to march on Washington in 1969. It wasn’t until 1975 that the last helicopter left the roof of the US embassy in Saigon.

Patience is required, but an energetic movement to stifle the NRA and defeat its powerful supporters in Congress has finally begun. Right On!


This is their time. I will be getting my comfortable walking shoes on to support them anytime, anywhere. I will also be calling my elected officials (currently all republican) to determine exactly what they will be doing to support our young people (besides verbal condolences and prayers); find out the amount of monies they have taken from the NRA and make sure everyone knows of their hypocrisy. My generation has sadly, incredibly made a mess of things in just about every possible venue–just to make a buck. I am heartbroken and embarrassed.


Mine too - I too was there at DC protest against the war in Viet Nam.


I remember when college kids were killed at Kent State by their own national guard. The Ohio govenor told the guard to use real bullets!


Yes, I remember it well.
May that Governor, forever,
Roast in Hell.


Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Its great if they can accomplish task of increasing the control of guns. But what Emma Gonzalez and her friends should be doing is looking at the long term future. The gun violence is just a symptom of the rot in our political culture. They should urge all high school students to look into the way the corporate-owned Duopoly has stymied the effectiveness of political action, and start looking at other parties, such as the Greens, as a way to get out of this bind. If they could mobilize a massive revolt away from the current 2 parties (in anticipation of when they become of voting age), THAT would be something of lasting effect, and that would not just cut down on gun violence but could help to save the very planet we all live on. Hmm, I was thinking maybe they should revive the SDS from the sixties. But now I see they already have:


I appreciated the article but it is important to note that the India envisioned by Gandhi did not come to pass. His pacifism and advocacy of a simple life are as marginal there as they ever were. What did come to pass was political independence and a bitter split along sectarian lines, culminated by two nuclear powers ready to destroy half the planet if hostilities get out of control.

I am not preaching despair here but specific, concrete goals. The failure of the Occupy movement was foreordained when so many gathered with no specific goals. The Civll Rights movement succeeded because the goals were so clear to everyone. Whatever our current racism, for example, at least there are no longer separate restrooms fir white and black people in the South.

At the present historical moment, a reasonable target would be repeal of the Second Amendment so that guns are no longer seen as a right for all but rather as a privilege for those few who need them. Just as no one could logically offer an argument for a whites-only toilet in 1962, no can reasonably make a case today that a person like the Parkland shooter had a right to possess any kind of gun. So that’s the place to start, in my view.


That memory is so present today. The adults getting it so wrong and the children suffering for that. There is a deadly equivalency between the Ohio governor then (moderate Republican James Rhodes) and the congressional gun violence apologists today. Before they roast in hell, let’s make sure they are roasted in the ballot box.


Hell is too good for them. Plus we need to get rid of citizens united and lobbyists in general. Thank you for your post.


HELL is too good!


And the Electoral College must go as well!


Yes, but we cannot do it from here. Anyone know how to do online petitions?