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Young and Professional Kavanaugh: "It's All Part of the Same Scummy Guy"


Young and Professional Kavanaugh: "It's All Part of the Same Scummy Guy"

Sam Husseini

I don't often think fondly of Christopher Hitchens, but an insight of my ex-friend did brighten my eyes the last week.

Specifically, after I sent out a series of news releases effectively arguing that then-president Bill Clinton should be impeached "for the right reasons"—specifically, illegal bombings, Hitchens objected. He argued that the distinction between Clinton's personal and professional actions was a false one, that "it's all part of the same scummy guy."


The question in my mind is not if, but how badly the repugs and federalist society have degraded our court system. Our system relies on honest testimony to function properly, the reason for perjury laws. When a potential SC justice repeatedly lies under oath, with no consequences, how can anyone be charged with perjury ever again ? It renders the entire system illegitimate.


The entire “system” has been illegitimate for a very long time. This entire “system” has never been of, by, or for the people since its inception by rich, white, propertied males. It is just that now the illegitimacy is becoming more apparent to more people.


It’s all part of the same scummy guy –

Are we to act as though Kavanaugh’s apparent attempted rape of Christine Blasey Ford has no relation to his backing torture?

I’ve heard feminists say to the point of cliché that “rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power.” I’ve seen a few articles pointing out the “power of sexual violence” exposed by Ford’s testimony, but virtually no utterance connecting that violence and will to power to Kavanaugh’s professional work.

Actually, besides Husseini, I think that James Roche who has stated that he believes Debbie Rimerez’s
story about Kavanaugh thrusting his penis in her face, also did point to the nature of this “taunting”
and I’m sure that many of us have also recognized the delicacy of Dr. Christine Blasey and Debbie Remirez and Lisa Swetnick. These are the kind of unsuspecting and gentle girls who they target.

And, yes, I very much agree that this connection to a desire to torture and to taunt and to humiliate and to hold power over women is very much part of Kavanaugh’s personality – and will be on the court.

Remember that an accomplice was with Kavanaugh to help him, if needed.
Debbie Ramirez was pushed to drink to excess and very likely there was something in her drink.
And same for Lisa Swetnick who suggested that Quaaludes were put in her drink.

All adding up to feelings of helplessness for the victims and the feeling of power over them for Kavanaugh.

This was also the case at the Hearings where power was in the hands of male-supremacists, sadly.
But we could see how frightened Kavanaugh was of being forced to be questioned on fair ground.

Someone might suggest that it was his Mother’s powerful position as a Judge in his youth, which inspired his misogynist anxieties?


Not to play amatuer shrink, but in pondering HOW BK became the disturbed jerk, apparently with alcohol and gambling addictions that he is, I have a hunch flawed parenting is at the foundation. Was mom gone most of the time? Did dad play Mr. mom? Were there babysitters? Was there scant family life? No time for instilling character and morals? He is such an obviously troubled soul! Is the guilt of the terrible things he did for Bush, treasonous things, eating away at his soul? I knew immediately what he was secreting, and that it was disqualifying! How did he learn to lie with such ease?? Some may forget the treachery of all things Bush era; I do not!!


The author was expecting the d-party to go for the jugular?

That may qualify as the most ridiculous notion I’ve ever read here.


Excellent piece. “It’s all part of the same scummy guy.” indeed…


In addition to the corporate-big-money-beholden Damnocraps’ many failures of courage & many failures of tactics listed in this article –

I keep thinking that if only Senator Feinstein had released Dr. Ford’s letter accusing Mr. K of sexual assault back in July – instead of in September! – and this large, powerful, impassioned movement of outspoken sexual assault survivors (and their millions of supporters) had been given 2+ months instead of a mere 2+ weeks to build opposition to Mr. K – would that have defeated Mr. K?

There is much to think about, analyze, and learn from in this painful experience – and to apply better tactics in the many vicious battles that are descending upon us all in the U.S.!


From what I have learned so far (and I plan to keep researching this topic) – the anti-social personality disorders (mental illnesses and malignant, harmful misconduct) clearly exhibited by so many of the top extremist, fanatical, and vicious Republican mis-leaders in the U.S. have likely been caused by bad genes combined with bad parenting (by bad parents + bad parental substitutes).

There is a long list of truly dangerous, harmful, mentally ill and morally bad men and women ruling the U.S. now – and I really fear that it will get worse and worse every year and every decade ahead of us!


I (and my family members) have tried to get justice from the U.S. legal & judicial systems many times.
Every time was an extremely abusive, injurious, unjust, disillusioning experience to me.

After many personal (and family) experiences, much reading, and much observation of the U.S. legal & judicial systems – I have absolutely no confidence, trust, or belief in the U.S. judicial & legal systems – or in the Congress, Presidency, or the electoral system.

I feel sad (and angry) to say that I think most of the U.S. corporate-state is corrupted and rotten to the core (with small exceptions).

P.S. I own many books by experts that confirm my experiences and conclusions.


Trump, McGahan, and Shine coached Kavanaugh to lie and deny every single allegation during the Senate Judiciary Comittee hearing.

Oh what I’d give to see them all burn.


Fucking good questions, Sam! Sorry, have to chuckle a bit too, it’s so fucking absurd.


You kiss your mother with that mouth?


Limiting senators to FIVE minutes was a way to curtail the deep questioning that was sorely needed. That limitation was a big part of the problem IMHO that Sam Husseini rightly pinpoints, and the Democrats should have fought it tooth and nail, and even walked out of the phoney “hearing.”

The whole process was a sham, of course, as everybody with a grain of sense knows.


Having been born and raised in Illinois, Senator Dick Durbin has always been one of my favorite people. He has consistently stood on the right side of issues. I’m proud of him. He’s been a good Senator for many years. Proud of him again…he is the only one who tried to nail Kavanaugh. The Dems were way too “kind” to him during the confirmation hearing. Kavanaugh was and is a totally “scummy guy.”

I moved to WA state 8 years ago, and have to say, my Senators: Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, are doing a good job too.


Kavanaugh is a classic textbook case of a repressed homosexual. The incident at Tim Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD on July 1, 1982, where Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attempted to “have sex together” in the same bed as Christine Ford, was typical repressed homosexual behavior. Some heterosexual men fantasize or even obsess with having sex with two women at the same time. In contrast, many repressed homosexual men fantasize or even obsess with having sex with another man with a women at the same time as a conduit. This is the “devil’s triangle” that Kavanaugh has in his yearbook.

Kavanaugh was probably being truthful when he claimed that he did not have intercourse with a woman until much later in life than would be normal, given the opportunities available in the 1980s and 1990s for a star school athlete and wealthy Yale attendee. Some men born homosexual into socially conservative households and environments, where they feel they must repress what nature selected for them, turn to alcohol. Some blame their unfortunate plight on women and exhibit hostile behavior or attitudes towards women. Mark Judge’s year book tellingly contains the quote “women should be struck regularly, like gongs”. Both Kavanaugh and Mark Judge have been described by many as exhibiting aggressive hostile behavior towards women especially when drunk.

Possibly the curious slack that the media is giving Kavenaugh, given the overwhelming evidence that he is lying, could be due to sympathy for his plight as a repressed homosexual. Once Ford’s account included three people she said were there AND his calendar had them all at Tim’s house on July 1, 1982, the only way that Kavanaugh is not lying is either: Ford somehow obtained access to his 1982 diary/calendar, or Ford has a time machine or Ford stalked Kavanaugh in 1982 and planned to do this, if and when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. Ford’s description of the interior of Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD exactly matches that of the actual house, which still exists.
The Trump statement "I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any votes" has now been replaced by "Trump could be caught on videotape handing American military secrets to Russia and still not have any Republican votes for impeachment".

There is only one issue here. Kavanaugh’s diary/calendar unambiguously puts Kavanaugh and three people Ford identified as being there in the same house on July 1, 1982. That would be enough to convict Kavanaugh in any criminal court if he denied being there at the time. Any trained law enforcement officer knows this, as does anyone who has seen a police program on TV.

If the FBI had heard Ford’s story during a background check, and if the FBI had obtained his 1982 diary/calendar, the only issue would be whether he would be allowed to resign his Federal judge position quietly or not so quietly. Now the truth will eventually come out and it will be much worse for Kavanaugh.