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Young Kim and His Underwater Nukes


Young Kim and His Underwater Nukes

Eric Margolis

This week, North Korea’s dynastic leader, Kim Jong-un, was beaming from ear to ear as a Pukgeukseong-1 missile shot out of the water, apparently launched by a new “Sinpo” class strategic submarine. For Kim, Christmas arrived early.


It’s sad that we have to live with nuclear threats in this day and age. The U.S. could naturally end all of this madness by unilaterally announcing an end to their own nuclear weapons stockpile in exchange for the other nuclear weapon armed countries dismantling their stockpiles as well. But the absence of a democratic government in the U.S. combined with corporate America’s reliance on a military industrial economy ensures that no progress will be made towards this lofty goal of a nuclear free planet. Neither Democrats or Republicans are allowed to discuss nuclear disarmament in fear of raising the ire of their rich benefactors. North Korea can never expect serious reunification talks with South Korea as long as the U.S. continues its hawkish stance and total ban on discussions with the North or any other country it has deemed an “enemy” of the U.S. And American workers will accept their corporate paymaster demands for more and more weapons production in return for timid promises about job security and a better future as the U.S. no longer produces anything of a practical value other than the endless production of weapons of mass destruction.
This vicious cycle has been repeated many times over in the past always with catastrophic consequences when the economy collapses under its own overproduction or armaments. Kim’s nukes are only the tip of the iceberg. The body of the iceberg is America and its time for all Americans to realize this.


Right-wing nut case Senator Ted Cruz is a dual citizen.

Former Representative Michele Bachmann in a dual citizen.

Jailed whistle blower John Kiriakou is a dual citizen.

Dual citizens do exist. But the list of “dual citizens” that you’ve seen posted on the internet is fake. It’s actually simply a list of Jews.

Please look it up. You will find actual evidence provided to support that fact that Cruz, Bachmann, and Kiriakou are dual citizens. You will find no evidence that the people listed on the list of Jews are dual citizens.

So then you might wonder: Why did someone compile a list of Jews in US government, and make the unsubstantiated claim that they are all “dual citizens”? And why do so many people repeat this?


Good old North Korea, the world’s last Stalinist state. Any country that turns over the total dictatorial powers to an unhinged 28 year old is not going to turn out well.


FEAR, FEAR, FEAR- That is how they control us and take 53 cents out of every tax dollar for these Corporate Billionaires (like Lester Crown of Bath Iron Works/ maker of the multibillion dollar Ageis Destroyer Fleet) to suck us dry so that 1 in 4 children in this country alone can go to bed hungry at night-
War is nothing short of A Racket and this second rate clown Kim Jung iLL is probably taking his marching orders from London and Washington anyhow- This fat little bastard might just as well have A slingshot-

What happened to all of the “Good” Men and Women Leaders? What will it take to get Americans to wake up to the false fear/control by clowns like this Margolis?


The never ending (hilarious) BS about North Korea shows just how far we’ve sunk.


“But a North Korean sub lurking off the US East Coast could launch against Washington and New York with only minutes of early warning. American anti-submarines systems, like the upgraded SOSUS underwater hydrophone system or towed hydrophones, would likely pick up the North Korean subs, which are believed to be noisy, but there’s always a chance one or more could slip through, or launch out of range of underwater defenses”.
Utter NONSENSE- This clown should write science fiction novels as his Journalism lacks any semblance of credibility!


. North Korea started the Korean war by invading South Korea remember? This knucklehead’s grandfather received permission from Josef Stalin to do so. They have threatened to invade the south ever since. At least you acknowledged that they are “brutal”., whatever that means to you.