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'Young People Are Correct to Be Outraged': Seattle City Council Urges Public Schools to Let Students Join Sept. 20 Climate Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/17/young-people-are-correct-be-outraged-seattle-city-council-urges-public-schools-let

" … Urges Public Schools to Let Students Join Global Climate Strike"


One does not beg “authorities” for permission to strike.


And, take note of BigB’s comment.

STRIKE and stay out as long as it takes, days, months or years. Don’t let the “authorities” control you. TAKE THEIR POWER AWAY.


My advice to the kids is, strike the next day as well. And the next, and the next…
The politicians and school administrators around the US are trying to get in front of this action. They are trying to control it, like it’s some sort of “play date” or soccer game. Don’t let them, kids. Unfortunately, we adults have thrown global warming in your laps, and then we threw you under the bus.

Sorry kids, but other than the occasional Bernie Sanders or Bill Mckibbon, or the now passive admission by the media that something may be wrong, Global warming, and any long term plans to deal with it, are all on you now.
Good luck. You’re going to need it.


The Lamestream Media are hardly paying attention to the threat to our only Home in the Solar System. One of this early morning’s stories is about scientists sending out feelers to other planets, looking for liveable real estate. Therir findings so far: ZIP.

Thank God for CommonDreams, et.al., that are yelling “Fire!” because the Corporate Masters of MSM pundits et.al. keep trying to misinform. But “How are you going to pay for it?” is their deceptive howl. THEY NEVER ASK THAT OF THE BLOATED NATIONAL BUDGET, most of which goes to the Pentagon instead of healthcare, alleviating student debt, offerring true ‘criminal justice,’, repairing national infrastructure, bailing out underwater homeowners, ending poverty, and other ‘social’programs’ which the pundits scream are ‘too expensive.’ Meanwhile these same MSM pundits have gold-plated healthcare and are paid handsomely to pull the wool over the eyes of a misinformed, bankrupt, sick, US public.
A thought just occurred that the misnamed Democratic debates, w/the frivolous questions, trying to direct a catfight between&among the candidates-are primarily produced for their ‘ratings,’ NOT to let the public make informed choices.

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Walk out of classes. Period. This is an emergency and it is your future and ours. Solidarity!

Difficult to shake off the feeling that the schools that did give "permission"are attempting to coopt this movement. Completely ridiculous to ask permission.

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The young people of today, at least those who are increasingly aware of the deadly threats they face, are not only fighting for strong climate action, they are also fighting against the trump regime mindless pro-business, destruction of science and truth, at any cost agenda, that is actively silencing truth and science . Roll-back everything in the R’Con wet-dream bag, silence/censor critics and scientists to serve the most extreme idiots and myopic agenda on the planet.

Here is a case in point: 6 EPA scientists/researchers silenced and muzzled by the trump regime political nutters to distort and erase their works on how climate change will affect the US and wider world if These career scientists/researchers have been silenced by trump & co to eliminate any mention of human-created climate heating. How is that not a crime against the public and planet?

As others have written, mick mulvaney may be the source of these actions that threaten America and the wider world, delivered to a moronic but malignant trump to tweet and execute their nutter policy agenda to salt-the earth before they are driven out of office like mad-dogs - hopefully into prison for crimes - for their numerous threats to the health and safety of millions!

Statement from one of the six, silenced by trump & co!

“We had a conference call and it became clear that any mention of human-caused climate change had been taken out (of her report) I was asked how I would feel if they didn’t release the report at all, which felt like a threat. I stood my ground and was told ‘they aren’t going to be happy about this from above.’ It was never clear who ‘they’ were – perhaps Trump himself or Ryan Zinke [the then secretary of the interior]

I had someone complain that they can’t strike because they have a mortgage to pay, it didn’t even bother to answer. The clueless will kill us, plain and simple.

On the 20th just shut this joint down, turn it off.

I haven’t seen a thing from Gov. Inslee on this. Couldn’t he have declared a day of reflection? Bringing students, and as many non students and older citizens together to ruminate the climate crisis?