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Young People Are Set to Make History With Bernie Sanders—If They Show

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/27/young-people-are-set-make-history-bernie-sanders-if-they-show


“During early 1968, thousands of young people volunteered in New Hampshire to help the insurgent presidential campaign of Democratic Sen. Eugene McCarthy—who went on to stun the party establishment by winning 42 percent of the state’s primary vote against President Lyndon Johnson’s 49 percent. Three weeks later, Johnson announced that he would not run for re-election.”

Identity politics, what a riot.

In 1968 and earlier, thousands upon thousands of “young people” protested the war endlessly. What do today’s “young people” say to those war protesters"

“OK, Boomer.”

See, most young people eventually get to be old people. All of those boomers who went on to be some of the most corrupt people in history were “young people” during those years, but what do you bet that they were not marching against the war? What do you bet that they were more like John Bolton who refused to serve in the military not because he was opposed to war, but because he saw no purpose in serving in a war which the evil liberals “refused to win”? If we had been nuking North Vietnam and wiping out millions of innocent lives, he would gladly have been a part of that, but fighting a war where we pulled our punches? Where is the fun in that?

Look at the pictures of the neo-Nazi marches and the pro-gun militia rallies and count the number of septuagenarians. Not too many, are there? No, “young people” are in the forefront of the hate marches as well as the Sanders movement for social justice.

I count myself as some kind of socialist, someone who sees the current economic system in the U.S. as inherently rigged and unfair, and must be changed. I have felt that way for many years now, but at 77, I am hardly a “young person.” Nor did I, as a “young person” in the 1960s ever march in an anti-war protest, because as a “young person,” I and all my friends were poster children for political apathy. We had our cars and social lives to worry about and that war was very, very far away. It never occurred to me to worry about it, even though the protests were on the news every night. Who watched the news, anyway?

So before we make the Sanders movement about only “young people;” before we condemn everyone over 30 as a fascist war monger, remember that there are millions of “old people” who support Sanders, and there are millions of “young people” who are opposing him.

This is a class movement, not an age related thing. Le’s get that straight.

Ah, Norm your bring up my hippie past: "Young people 

speakin’ they’re minds, getting so much resistance from
from behind. It’s time to stop children, what’s that sound?
Everybody look what’s going down . . . There’s battle lines
being drawn . . . . " (Buffalo Springfield, “For What Its Worth”)
1967. But I date myself.


Well apparently I didn’t get the memo, you know the memo declaring today as “bash young people day”.
What a smear of our politically charged youth, with the “If they show” part of the headline. Newsflash, without these energized new voters, Bernie has no chance. All of us older farts need to remember this, and stop this division BS.


In his own words:

“Could there really be a political movement in America which brings together blacks and whites and Latinos and Asian Americans and Native Americans, gay and straight, to stand up as working class people fighting for change?’” Sanders said. “We are their worst nightmare.”


Bernie is their only hope of a future so, they’d better show


let me rephrase that…
Me Too
no wait…
forget it - I’m with ya on that


Young people are set to make history Norman, along with other people of all ages who still give a damn about truth, honesty, our republic and Constitution, and wider w.orld, our Mother Earth! The sad part is Norman you don’t say a word about those that control the nomination; the DINO sellouts that betrayed us before!!

The opposition are malignant Republicons, corporate parasites, the fossil-fuel and chemical conglomerate, for-profit corporate health-care, insurance and big-pharma, and for-profit MICC war machine.
The real fly in the ointment is the also corrupt, sold-out DINO party and its constipated “elite” scum! They would rather trump win than change course and support the most popular politician in America, Bernard Sanders and the millions who see another reality, they are beyond contempt along with the previously mentioned groups - the major difference is they have the power to betray us all and deny Bernie the nomination and they will try it!

Allll the millions of people of good conscience of all ages and demographics that still care about other people will again be screwed by the Private Corporate Party the so-called “democratic” party, now just another self-interested bunch of sold-out liars and deceivers!

A new party seems to be the way forward if - and iot seems we will be -screwed again by corporate whores and their pimps!


Today we all are under the threat of ecological collapse and for the older crowd and continuing we have been first under the threat of a nuclear winter after the US America unnecessarily dropped two atomic bombs. Now we all face two existential threats–not one.


This attempt to reform the elitist, corporate Democratic party might be better spent on invigorating the Green Party. Just a thought. Every one of those Democrats who view themselves as progressive should consider exiting the Democratic Party. We do need to rid ourselves of Trump so this can occur after this is accomplished or if they lose the election if they don’t choose Bernie.

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I think you misunderstand me and my comment Giovanna, I don’t think that entrenched DP private corporation or its hierarchy can be reformed; either they will on their own or they will not, and all the evidence and recent history speaks that they will not.
I do advocate as I wrote for a new party, a People’s Party, as the only way likely to be able to build a vehicle for real change and reform and beat the two entrenched corporate whore duopoly… The Greens I do support, they have a great platform, but they do not seem to be able to generate the energy or enthusiasm to climb over the few percentage points in any national election. They have the platform but not the people.
Keep the faith that Bernie can overcome! BERNIE ALL THE WAY!


I’m a 57 year old (barely a Boomer) and a strong supporter of Sanders but I never get offended or feel the need to defend my generation (which as @JoanRobinson often points out is on the average pretty disappointing) when this topic of how Sanders gets much more percentage support from younger voters comes up. If it weren’t for this youth movement, I don’t think Sanders could win so I’m quite happy he’s captured a good chunk of this generation.

Heck I could push back on your class comment as plenty of people in the upper middle class support Sanders (I’m in the top 5% of wage earners though costs are certainly high in CA so I don’t spend like a rich person). Plenty in percentage? - no, but as individuals there are still plenty of us. In my case, I’d happily pay more in taxes even if I don’t break even on health insurance costs just to be rid of this ridiculous complexity in life and to help the overwhelming majority in this country. And Sanders is best on the environment, foreign policy (among the top 5 anyway - I won’t get into a debate with Tulsi supporters - it isn’t going to happen for her this go around), and every other issue important to me.

What’s wrong with a little Kumbaya? Go young people!


I am 67, solidly in the center of the “boomer” ranks and have always recognized all people have the same needs and that labels like “boomer”, “Gen X”, etc. are corporate / media constructs seeking to divide and conquer.

It will take all progressives of every age group to get Sanders the nomination and all progressives of every age to get Sanders into the White House. The Trump cult will be a formidable obstacle for whoever is nominated.


No, I did not think you thought the Dem Party can be reformed but others seem to think so. That was all.

True and why I wrote the following:

I am fortunate to live in an open primary state so my vote–I am not a Democrat but an eco-socialist–will go to Bernie.



It will also take all the socialists like myself to do what many did for FDR to get Bernie in the WH.


If the leadership of the Democrat Party gets their convention this summer set up and staffed the way they want it, the “youth” that support Bernie will get screwed AGAIN! Fuck the corporate capitalist politics of both the Democrats and Republicans, their supporters and the media that promotes them all !


Beautiful sentiment because it is right.


He literally does have to watch his back. The comparison with RFK is apt. RFK was shot from behind. His accused assassin stood in front of him and could not have fired the fatal bullet.

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I spent my life in the anti-war, anti-nuclear movement, and may have exposed my infant daughter to radiation as I carried her with me to protest the nuke train at Bangor weekly. She passed away from leukemia at age 9. I am now 73, still fighting the war machine. Had a protest rally this weekend against war on Iran and against sanctions. The Machine is still in the driver’s seat, as Netanyahu and fascist Trump commit genocide on Palestinians and ally with human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, a good turnout of young people could swing the difference.


Please accept my condolences for the loss of your precious daughter. I am so sad and sorry that you and your family suffered something so painful.

And thank you for protesting the nuke trains. The world is sometimes cold and harsh. People like you make it warm and loving.