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Young Turks' Uygur: Nancy Pelosi Is Not a Progressive


Young Turks' Uygur: Nancy Pelosi Is Not a Progressive

Cenk Uygur

Why did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) not defend Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) by name recently when she was attacked by President Trump? Why did Speaker Pelosi attend a dinner with Democratic donors where they discussed how to thwart Senator Sanders, arguably the most progressive person in Congress?


Anyone with a half a brain cell already knows that Pelosi isn’t a progressive.

And anyone with half a brain cell cell knows that her job as the biggest voice in the party is to make sure progressive policy is strangled in its crib.

So here’s the your conundrum: Do you, as a progressive, continue to vote in one of 2 parties, both of which are committed to crushing your visions for a better world? Or do you boldly pursue the huge challenge of going around those 2 parties to stand a chance at progress?

We’ve been trying option one for decades. Look around, how’s that working?


Yes Cenk, you are 100 percent right, Nancy is going to hand the election to Trump on a Silver Platter.

She wholeheartedly supported the Right Wing policies of Hillary and trashed every progressive proposal Bernie made. And they are about to make the same mistake.

She has nothing to offer the millions of Democratic voters that are looking for Liberal Progressive Change that will make a difference in their lives.

HRC found out too late that it was not enough to just continuously bad mouth Trump at every rally, People wanted to know what the hell are you going to do for me.

President Clinton helped close our factories and send our jobs overseas with NAFTA, but his wife never mentioned how we were going to get those jobs back from China,Trump mentioned it over and over again at his rallies in the Rust Belt.

Nancy is living a cushy life and apparently cannot relate to the suffering of her Democratic constituents.

She is more beholden to the Private Insurance Companies and refuses to even entertain the idea of removing Profit from Healthcare by supporting Medicare For All.

If the Democratic Presidential Candidates adopt Pelosi’s Centrist philosophy we are guaranteed another 4 years of a disgusting Bigot in the White House who will continue to rob our Treasury and distribute our money to his non- tax paying Millionaire friends.

                 BERNIE  -  LIZ   2020

Thank you, Cenk. You aren’t telling us anything we already didn’t know but we like the reinforcement.


What amazes me is that so few party loyalist and supposed progressives, just don’t want to get the fact that Pelosi is NOT progressive. I expect if she hung a sign around her neck that said, “I’m not progressive.” many democrats would continue to ignore the obvious. We often call the GOP voters uneducated and not very bright because they keep voting against their own interests. Many democrats seem to suffer from the same inflection.


Perhaps but she’s not Trump. I’d even vote for Trump’s dog if he had one before I voted for him.


Is there a named REGRESSIVE party yet? If not, then maybe that’s who Nancy is leading and working for and a working against the PROGRESSIVES do!


Yes, I don’t care if we have a fascist government either, but not Trump. Never Trump. Anyone else, any kind of government, any other regressive creep, but not Trump.

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Boy, Cenk nailed it. She calls herself a progressive what a joke.


The vast majority…

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Perhaps I missed it, but when did Ms “He’s not worth impeachment” Pelosi ever call herself a “progressive?” She’s one of orange’s best enablers; just like she was with GWB. I think that label was projected onto her by partisan Ds just because she’s from San Francisco at a time when San Francisco was a genuinely progressive City. Since then, San Francisco has shifted to the right and is now quite conservative. Nothing like it was. (I know because, I live here). The progressive, alternative “anything goes” San Francisco is long gone. I can assure you of that. Activism here is dead, just like what little remains of the queer community. That’s gone too, having been replaced with straights with baby strollers.


Pelosi feels challenged by a real progressive, and Pelosi is going to remain traditionally corporate.


Are you saying they no longer “Wear flowers in their Hair?”

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The country has steadily been driven to the right by the application of the Lesser Evil Gambit for president every 4 years, and in every district where there’s any kind of close election. The extreme right keeps nominating more and more reactionary fascists and the left follows along, being essentially fascists as well, just disagreeing on the speed at which we head there. As long as the right keeps going right the other right can keep going right, and vice versa. It’s the way the corporate duopoly functions as the tool the oligarchy uses to keep moving toward what it wants: pseudo-theocratic neo-feudal fascism.

The headline on the article has to be new top qualifier for the Duh-partment. After being told at least a hundred times in these comment sections, at least every 4 years, for the last 16 years, some people MAY finally be getting it. (Norman Solomon, I’m talking to you.)

Astoundingly though, there are still readers of CD who don’t get it, and every single time fall for the Lesser Evil Gambit. I know, because I’ve been one of those telling them.

Now that the more aware, and even some of the less aware among us know, what do we do? If the corporate Democratic officials continue to resist rationality effectively, they must be abandoned. If millions upon millions leave the Democratic party, they’ll either change or become irrelevant.

As far as Trump being worse, that’s no longer true. Both halves of the corporate duopoly have agendas that will absolutely without any doubt lead to the end of civilization and millions of species at least. Bizarrely, the slower we destroy cohesive society, the more wars and exploitation there will be, so the more species will be wiped out and the higher the chances of complete extinction of life on Earth.

So paradoxically, Republicans may actually be better for life on Earth, and no worse for humanity. If the Democrats don’t allow a progressive POTUS nominee, and don’t retract the rule against allowing help to progressives running against conservative Dem incumbents, we have to move to a third party, and let them know, whether it’s the Green party or something else.

And PS, Joe Biden is no progressive either and cannot be nominated or elected if we want civilization to survive.


Some information about Biden, Inc. http://disq.us/p/21lcbfo

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Nancy Pelosi is not a progressive?!? Next you’re gonna try to tell me the Pope isn’t a jihadist! Then how will I make sense of the world?

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Obama said he was a Reagan Republican out loud. The faithful didn’t believe him. They still don’t.
There’s no dealing with partisans of either party rationally anymore. They’re gone. You just have to step around them.


Just catching on to Pelosi and the Democrats not being progressive at all? Those of us who really are have known that for a long time. Clearly, the Democrats are part of the oligarchy, and fein progressivism to sheep dog progressives into voting the party line. Any really progressive candidates are either whipped into line, or pushed aside. I left for good after 2016 and the Podesta emails, please join me in making the Green Party the true home of the Progressive Movement in the U. S.


Sorry, Liz came out in support of the U. S. overthrowning the Maduro government in Venezuela. That disqualifies her as a true progressive.


I haven’t voted D since 2008. Right after it became clear that even with a mandate and huge majorities in both houses, Obama was going to triangulate and cater to corporate interests.

As a friend and I agreed last night, if a significant pool of voters have to decide between a party that unapologetically serves the oligarchy and a party that serves the oligarchy while claiming to serve the working class, they’ll realize they’re screwed either way and hold their noses while choosing honesty over hypocrisy. Or, as is so often the case, just note vote.