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Young Voters Likely to Continue Post-Parkland Mobilization in Voting Booth, Registration Records Show


Young Voters Likely to Continue Post-Parkland Mobilization in Voting Booth, Registration Records Show

Julia Conley, staff writer


To you young people, I don’t care what you vote for, just vote, just participate. You will figure it out, of that I am sure. Please show up, you need you, as do your progeny. Participate, please. Make the world a better place. There is a verb in there, now isn’t there?


Yay rah! Good for the kids! I especially like the registration as independents, aiming to vote for policy, not party or personality. Watch this space. There’s a new America coming to claim its place at the table.


All that I ask of a new voter is that they consider every available option other than the Duopoly parties.

Past performance, integrity, and commitment to the middle class instead of corporations is key to choosing representation.


In other words they have been effectively silenced. Sorry but you are not going to vote your way out of this one kids.

I’l give you a hint why…everything they ever taught you about government or finance was an absolute lie.


You keep vesting hope in a rigged casino my friend. I wish you luck with that…


Yes participate…like in the new Poor Peoples Campaign. But voting? Give me a break…


Sounds like bad news for the Republicans. In Florida 33% of newly registered voters age 25 and under registered as Democrats and only 21% as Republicans.


A little off topic here but not really .

Here is something on the 2nd amendment which was written in 1791– Right to bear ARMS

The Second Amendment is fundamental to the roots of white settler violence in their genocide project against Native populations, as well as to control and ultimately eliminate freed Black people in America. In a nutshell, the Second Amendment’s main origin and purpose is to protect and promote white supremacy in these United States.



With every new mass shooting in America, the resounding question of why this keeps happening gets louder but never resolved. People abroad cannot understand America’s fixation with guns, and people here in the USA attempt to explain it with a variety of Second Amendment rights interpretations. It is an individual right to bear arms; the Second Amendment is the right for militias to bear arms and is no longer applicable in today’s world; the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun lobby are solely responsible for gun culture at we find it now, and more.


While I agree with your quote (running into the 2nd post), that was not written in 1791 as your presentation implies (should have done at least a comma instead of the “which was”). And it is off topic. These kids are not single-issue voters, and they will teach us a whole new way of believing in democracy (@Dan_Harris). Just sit back and learn.


Bernie, don’t go on any airplanes.


Yes! My definition of democracy is participation in political power.


Yes, I am afraid they will. They will learn to be acutely aware, there isn’t one…


I firmly believe they will change that. They already have in some respects, including what’s covered in this article.


It is wonderful what the students and parents of Parkland have begun. I hope they do not give up. But it finally and firmly must now be said.
We clearly cannot handle the responsibility of owning weapons designed ONLY for death. Too bad target shooters( full disclosure our family loves sporting clays). People are more important than hobbies. It is time.


Wouldn’t it be great to see the start of generations of Democratic Socialists?!
Do I dream, or…


In 1968, the corporate democrats of their day chased young people away in an orgy of outright thuggery in the Chicago summer. That action was perhaps the single biggest catalyst in creating the Reagan revolution as young voters either became libretarians or just didn’t vote at all.ever since that fateful summer both political parties have moved to the ideological Right and the nation has made a slow march towards fascism.
Will the democrats screw the pooch in this lay-up of a midterm election years? As we see them pushing the nominations of center-right candidates over liberals the answer beomces clear. Of course they will.


2nd amendment was written in 1791–


Yeah, 'cause that’s really useful Just vote without any idea of why.
I’d raise the voting age back to 21 or higher. At least to whatever age the government considers someone a dependent for insurance purposes.

Only adults should be allowed to vote.

For those folks who’ll say “What about the military? Anyone old enough to serve is old enough to vote.”
The whole point of enlisting teenagers is their ability to be molded by authority.
Not the best metric for voting.