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Your Boasted Liberty, An Unholy License

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/03/your-boasted-liberty-unholy-license

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Thanks to the unions---- and Upton Sinclair in writing his book, THE JUNGLE, we are rid of child labor, and we have public schools and some politicians who care—but…
With the Middle Class disappearing and college debt killing dreams and futures— and insane politicians and endless wars----------something is still wrong for workers , students and nation It feels like we fell into a wormhole and that the prior American history was erased.

Going back to a feudal system is not workable, and corporations are NOT people----maybe the Climate Crisis will persuade people that the 3 Musketeers were right…All for One and ONE for ALL does seem to work out pretty well.


Brava! Tell it like it is Abby!


3 Dog Night: Prayer of the Children



A large lump in my throat.
I remember as a boy listening to FDR’s wisdom and calm,
I remember our pride as we sacrificed everything to help the peoples of the world rid it of fascism and Nazism and imperial hubris.
I remember our hope at the end of that horrible war, that we will see no more war.
I remember watching our nation turn into a war machine, ostensibly to protect the world from (gasp) Communism, but in actuality was to protect the profits of US business from competition and to absorb everything of value from the world, to fatten the bankers and big money men.
I remember seeing the bones of my arms and hands in the flash of Hydrogen Bombs in 1956, and the sickness from radiation exposure.
Now, I see the Nazi concentration camps and the powerful Wehrmacht recreated here as we have turned from “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” to “The land of the Fee and the Home of the Grave.”
And a huge lump in my throat forms as I hear the Prayer of the Children, and watch the list of those who have died in filthy dog kennels, whose only water is from a foul toilet and who must stand on the toilet seat to try to find air to breath, quietly printed as a backdrop to the prayer, and a list of those who have died of hunger, thirst and exposure in the trackless deserts of the Reich. and the names of those who face those concentration camps for the “crime” of helping their fellow humans try to survive.
We the People, of both here and the World must awaken and take action, or resolve ourselves into accepting a world of hunger and slavery for the benefit of the three or four trillionaire$ who own over half the world, and want the rest, now.
It make me wonder when the Fourth Reich will discover the creative uses of ZyclonB to solve its problems.
I am in my eighties, and feel that I have lived too long, when I must watch a replay of the horrors we thought we had expunged in my youth.
The only hope I have is when I see that small handful of young politicians who are fighting that system, and watch the courage and wisdom of young folks like Greta Thunberg who realize that our real enemies are those who promote global warming and climate change, to enlarge their holdings by a few more pieces of bloodstained silver, and who worship war as the ultimate profitmaker.
I hope that Greta and the Youth of the World will prevail, for the world is theirs, now, not ours, and perhaps they can remake it into our old dream of peace and plenty, and Human Dignity for all.