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'Your Bombs Are Killing Victims Here': U.S.-Made Bomb Hit School Bus in Attack That Killed 40 Yemeni Children


'Your Bombs Are Killing Victims Here': U.S.-Made Bomb Hit School Bus in Attack That Killed 40 Yemeni Children

Julia Conley, staff writer

The United States carries direct responsibility for the school bus bombing that killed 40 children in Yemen last week, according to munitions experts who found that the bomb used was sold to Saudi Arabia by the State Department.

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This is some sort of revelation? Trump had the King of SA in the oval office for a photo op boasting how much we sell them in arms.


If only, the company responsible for manufacturing the weapons that killed these children could be charged with Murder, this world of ours could be a better place.


American exceptional-imperialism strikes once again.


Sleaze bags who work in these plants that make these bombs that kill these young people need to do self examination. NOT INNOCENT!


Why is Saudi Arabia the U.S.'s ally again? I remember reading ages ago, that the U.S. made a deal with them: If they guarantee to keep us supplied with oil, we will protect them, or something along those lines. Well, if that is why we are such good buddies, then IF we totally got off of oil (like we want to do anyway due to global warming) then we wouldn’t need to be so ‘helpful’ to them?


Made in the USA did not always mean what it does today. In the USA, hate, vacuous entertainment, fiscal chicanery, and myriad mechanisms of mortal destruction are made for domestic consumption as well as export.


Indeed, WiseOwl.

Grown in the USA doesn’t mean you won’t be poisoned as well.


“A total of 51 people were killed in the attack, and 79 were wounded.”

It’s amazing the things you can find out from wiki-pedia. The price of an MK-82 bomb is $2082.50. So the next time someone asks, “what’s the value of a human life,” you can do the math and say, “$40.83”. On the other hand, it seems like such a small price compared to all the other military equipment we read about, and accountants at Lockheedless Martin probably have more sophisticated formulas to determine how many of these bombs have to be produced (and sold to authoritarian governments) to make production worth their trouble.

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Lockheed-Martin is a major partner with several engineering departments at top US universities. At some universities they sponsor classes in military and weapons engineering.

Engineering ethical codes are very strict regarding plagerism and loyalty to one’s firm, but ambiguous regarding what many refer to as political/macro ethics. So, last year, I worked on a effort to get engineers, professors, and students to agree to refuse to build usable nuclear weapons. I suggested a voluntary ‘Hippocratic’ oath. There are a few places that engage in peace engineering that I continue to work with, however this is a minority. Many became extremely enraged by my efforts. Several folk told me that my actions were unethical. Some suggest that I be fired and banned from engineering associations and universities.


We need to divest from Lockheed Martin and other MIC stocks.

Yemenis need to divest from Rhino horn daggers.


First they’ll have to figure out how to run their war machines with renewable energy.

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Movin’ on up!

The Grand Wizard started with obstruction of justice and constitutional violations, then worked his way up to kidnapping, child abuse and extortion (“Sign this deportation order and you’ll get your child back”), and now murder.

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The Saudi’s are already divesting of fossil fuels and moving into the financial markets.

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All the people that profited from and helped to build these bombs have the blood of these innocent children on their hands; just as guilty in my view, as the persons that pulled the trigger!


Much respect to you, sir!

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I like what you’re saying but there’s no profit in peace. War is all they care about and they lack the intelligence/morals to consider alternatives. Are these weapons oligarchs even human??

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I noticed that, but I’m not sure all similarly shaped sheaths necessarily hold rhino daggers. Mystery.

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I agree …It’s human consciousness that makes it possible for us to build these weapons.

No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.

Let’s create a new model, make the old one obsolete along with all weapons of war.

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Soon after this incident occurred, a spokesperson for the Pentagon stated “We might never know where the bomb used in this attack came from”.

He knew full well where it came from yet felt the need to LIE about it. Which of course begs the question. If the US Government flees no war crime committed and the action was justified on the part of the Saudi’s, why the need to LIE within hours of the incident occurring?

As far as I am concerned , that LIE was an admittance of guilt.