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Your Boss Shouldn’t Get to Have ‘Religious’ Objections to Your Health Care


And how exactly do workers enforce “implied contracts”? Legalisms take resources and power to work out successfully.


The Affordable Care Act says that the mandated coverage for family planning must be included by states in the Medicaid expansion and says that the eligible private insurance plan requirements must be at a level at least as much as a typical employer plan which at the time included family planning services (a survey of such plans was mandated in the law). Thus, family planning requirements were very much in the law and not simply an “interpretation” as you pretend.


They retain a lawyer. Workers can be fired for cause, a valid cause. It is not as hard as you think and over time has more value. Of course having a good relationship with an employer would be better for everyone, sometimes that is not possible


“They retain a lawyer.” Think about costs/lost time/losing the case/being blacklisted, etc., etc., etc. This may work for rich people w/ good lawyers, but for the rest of us it’s a joke. Workplace rights come when workers (and society) enforce them. “Class war” is not a bumper sticker phrase, but a reality for the vast majority of people. The problem is, while bosses, elites, oligarchs and plutocrats understand this, too many of the rest of us refuse to admit it and grasp onto the myths of “individual rights” and the “middle class.” Good Luck with all that, but remember that suicide is seldom painless, for the perp and for those who know them.


First they came for my birth control yelling moral objection, then they came for my blood transfusion, medication, treatment if I could be linked to the problem such as their moral objection to smoking and now my insurance covers nothing. All will try to save money by not having to pay for things under moral objection if we let them.


Ok, no this isn’t a rich persons domain nor is it a joke. It is something any hardworking person can do if they are unfairly terminated or workplace rights fail them. It is true that it is not for everyone and each case has it’s own merits. I was simply pointing out there are exceptions and standing up for yourself might be a consideration worth examining. There are lawyers that feel the same way.


Of course lawyers feel the same way. That’s how they get paid. Look at what lawyers get in class actions v. the clients.


Most of the lawyers that take that type of case don’t get much of anything unless they win, so if you don’t have a case they let you know first thing. But yeah, there are some that are real stinkers.


Of course- also I don’t get this being anti abortion but also anti contraception? I guess they are saying that they do not believe in sex which is a basic human function. Maybe they are not human!


That is correct. We are not a theocracy. People cannot impose their views in a place of employment.


Well, let’s see- if the workplace included sudden forced acts against someone’s will would you say the same? Perhaps you should listen to the women who were groped by Harvey Weinstein.


Yes, you are right- at will unless there is a contract or a union protection , then there is all the gobbly gook about discrimintion et al. Some of the idiots on the other side actually sell less rights as right to work and their public loves that- right to work for less!


Except for one little problem, there are laws that prohibit discrimination in hiring based on religion. Which means the employee’s religious rights are just as protected as the employer’s. And every employer, unless they are part of a protected religious institution has to follow the laws in which their business is allowed. All businesses are required to have a permit which says they have to follow the laws of the country, state, and locale.
These people are claiming their religious belief trumps everyone else’s. And if they offer insurance to every employee, the employee should have the right to use that insurance as they desire, not the employer. The reason for that is that insurance is part of my pay package, my compensation for working. And thus I should be able to use my pay in anyway I desire, not the employer’s. He has no right to say how my compensation is used.
Your argument was lost back when the age of the robber barons lost in being able to tell employees that they had to live in employer’s homes and buy in the employer’s store. No longer was the worker subjected to the employer’s whims.
The fact that 5 conservative judges are trying to bring back those good old days when employers had control of their employees is wrong. And sooner or later labor will once against rise up and fight against such control. It is religious discrimination of the worst kind.
There are ways for an employer to not be subjected to law, by not getting a business license and forming a private club if they so wish. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate at all.