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Your Commander-in-Chief Is Lying to You: Veterans Issue Open Letter to Active Duty US Soldiers

Your Commander-in-Chief Is Lying to You: Veterans Issue Open Letter to Active Duty US Soldiers

Rory Fanning, Spenser Rapone

To All Active Duty Soldiers:


The "Liar-In-Chief is the threat to our nation.


Super important to try, overtly not write anyone off, reach out and offer truth. Props to these guys for trying.


It might not, but the message by former members must be repeated over and over until most of them get it. If the people ever wake up and decide to rise up, we’re going to need them to stand down those in the military who “believe the propaganda”, they can also diffuse the police like no other group.


No, if there are direct confrontations with armed troops, there will be no time for examining the contradictions. Because of posse comitatus, I hope that Mattis has quietly instructed commanders that troops deployed to the border must be unarmed. djt needn’t understand that, but the troops must. I wish these writers had put that in their letter, but I also doubt this is the best venue for reaching the troops. I’m very worried about this development. I wish I lived close enough to offer a peaceful witness.

And this granddaughter of coal miners from across the Ohio thanks you for your work in WV.


No doubt about it, in my mind. I posted a long time ago that what the U. S. military has done in it’s fascist foreign policies will be done in it’s fascist domestic policies, when it is forced to! Do not think for a minute that after the demonization of Muslims and immigrants that progressives will not be next on the nefarious Trump agenda. Trump has already called the Democrats " A MOB".


I’m pleased to learn (though not at all surprised) that my Christian (proudly asserted) denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA) is among those already supporting the migrants and preparing further efforts. Though this article is more than a week old, it contains vital information, including

The Reverend Santiago Flores, a leader in the Reformed Calvinist Church in El Salvador, urges people to understand the complexity of the situation and that these new mobilizations oblige the church to create a shared humanitarian strategy among the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

“These individuals are largely asylum seekers, families of people who are seeking safety. How we react to them says a lot about how we value them as human beings,” said Teresa Waggener, immigration attorney for the PC(USA)’s Office of Immigration Issues.

Yes, the denomination has an Office of Immigration Issues. The office known as Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, with a staffer designated for refugees and asylum, had also sent $10K in aid to Guatemala to assist the caravan, and was preparing further support for the Mexican border.

I do not believe that the US military will be allowed to turn their weapons on citizens, or even the migrants. There are professionals working there who know better. And @Shantiananda, where would they find the “mob” of progressives to shoot down? The lessons of Kent State have not been forgotten everywhere.

To tag just one more personal note on to Tom: I still call Columbus my hometown, though I lived there just 4 years in Whitehall and 5 years in Clintonville (2 years outside Lima between) before moving to NJ. My grandfather who died of lung cancer (not just the mines) before I was even the proverbial glimmer saw 5 of his 7 children through college, all of them into the middle class and away from the mines. His father-in-law was apparently one of the scabs recruited from Italy in the late 19th c. The family story is that “Michael Welch” came with a cousin, and though the cousin was scared back to Italy by the violence against the organizing miners, Michael was so impressed by the spirit of resistance that he stayed and moved to the union side.


A veteran myself, I remember how it feels to be used for political purposes by a twisted president and a placebo congress. When the troops refuse, the fascists fall. Very quickly.


This is a beautiful letter and sentiment. I do agree with some here that there is fear and resistance to disobey orders and NOT go to the border. These soldiers are good people and have families of their own to care for. However, I hope the message of empathy and peace will break through and win the day. If the order to shoot comes “up” from Trump down below I truly hope guns will be laid down and sanity will prevail.


Why anyone in the military listens To cadet bone spurs is beyond me,he is a fucking coward period. 5 deffermts, for so called bad feet, that are miraculously healed on the golf course, I will say it again, he’s a fucking coward period.


Accolades to your Presbyterian Church for their support! We need more positives!


Dear Rory:

As a fellow veteran and Liberal Gun Club follower (https://theliberalgunclub.com) I would also urge soldiers to use their weapons training to train liberals to defend themselves from the conservatives that want to kill them.

I so wish that we could find words other than liberal and conservative to define how we differentiate ourselves politically.

There is such a negative connotation associated with both, that I hate using either to describe my feelings about issues that are political in nature.

Nobody has forgotten what happened at Kent State, and shouldn’t.

I have long felt since that horrible tragedy that collectively as a nation, we have gotten smarter.

Was it the zeal of Richard Nixon that ordered those untrained National Guard troops to load live ammunition in their weapons?

May of 1970 was a much different time than now, so, college students were not carrying weapons, concealed or otherwise, so what commander of those troops ordered his troops to even raise their weapons to point at unarmed students?

Yes, that conservative administration in Washington DC was mad at those liberal students for protesting the war in Southeast Asia.

Many of us faced that hatred ordered by the Nixon administration, carried out by local law enforcement, State Police, and the National Guard.

Using labels to define those you have differing opinions with, is just another prerequisite to showing your hatred.

Trump uses labels just for this reason.

He is such a small minded human which totally disqualifies him from his current position.

I too am in solidarity with the Veterans in requesting that all active duty troops being sent to the border, be prepared to disobey your commanding officer’s order to engage the immigrants seeking asylum.

Thomas Mohr
Veteran Antiwar Protester
University of Maryland at College Park Division

Currently residing in Fayetteville Pennsylvania


I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS is an UNACCEPTABLE response to genocidal orders to harm/shoot at civilians in order to “protect/defend” the US from arriving migrants from anywhere. NAZI POLICY has been proven ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL and culpable. Further, NEVER FORGET KENT STATE KILLINGS by National Guardsmen on a college campus who were ordered to FIRE at students during the 70s.


May 4, 1970, four dead, three students and a female runaway from Dade County, Florida. It was about fear. The SDS had marched for more than a week to remove the ROTC chapter from campus and end the Vietnam War. The officers were not charged, a change of venue granted.
America already murders presidents, musicians, politicians, civil rights leaders and countless lost to the dust of time. America dictates in foreign nations so all the executive branch has to do is identify a threat, declare martial law and the “temporary” suspension of elections until the clear and present danger is disposed. They build detention centers. They are the Oil Nazis and they would eat their Mom. Vote!


Soldiers can’t quit. They can’t complain in public in uniform or protest. If you choose to not report for duty, you go to jail. So asking a soldier to not follow orders to the border is requesting they imprison themselves. Stop the corporate war machine.


HI geronimo, but soldiers can change the world. . I was reading about Vietnam and a man named Hugh Thompson, who, with 2 other soldiers put his helicopter down to save some villagers that the Lt. Calley person was trying to murder. It did take a long time for Hugh Thompson to be recognized-------but finally the military did. Oh what a wonderful world if there were more humanists like Hugh Thompsons.

Maybe if things looked like they were going to turn murderous----maybe the American soldiers at the border could start limping and slowing down----- maybe a lot of then could suddenly have bone spurs ! : )


Soldiers can change the world and they disobey orders but mostly I am guessing during combat when it’s insane chaos and perhaps a soul makes a split second determination to not take a life but self preservation is our most powerful instinct and killing every thing in sight is a normal response during war. It is not right but it is war and war is wrong so it is hard to designate right in a task we perceive as innately wrong. Soldiers can rebel. I marched for Calley in 68 I think because I thought the govt. was guilty for putting him there. The VC were stripping the skin off our soldiers and we were caving the insignias of our companies in their chests while alive. War is not nice. It is primal and it makes men crazy. I was wrong to march for Calley. I was a teenager but I thought I would be drafted and I was, the last one, 70. I love my country but the imperialist capitalist are murdering us and lost in the dust is our Earth is dying, more than 70 percent of wildlife dead since 1970 so it may be a moot point we are scorched Earth flaming capitalist pigs who steal oil from dead children and more importantly we are too delusional to save ourselves. I believe Americans will turn up the heat. You know King Midas got one wish so he turned everything he touched to gold. King Midas and his touch starved to death. King chose poorly. Choose wisely and let’s create good news, take our nation back from the demons. Vote. peace.


Just saw a headline that, apparently in a WH speech, djt has asserted that the troops will be prepared, should the immigrants throw stones (he hasn’t looked around at most of the border, has he?), to shoot back. I’m thinking (hoping) the commanders in between will be prepared to make it clear what a bad idea that is.

@PonyBoy, you’ve expressed it beautifully. No need to identify with one “side” or another. Speak for yourself, and let others say “amen.”


I’m glad for young folk to be radicalized, but “turn the guns around” is not the way. Violence only begets violence. In an era of volunteer armed forces, it’s much better to train young folks to deter violence. I raised two to decline to be made killers or haters. One of them brilliantly held a military recruiter, in full camo, on the other side of the screened front porch and later sent him a packet of their poetry, cover note “This may help you understand why you don’t really want me.” That put a stop to the phone calls.