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Your Guide to Anthony Scaramucci: Trump's New Commander of Communication


Your Guide to Anthony Scaramucci: Trump's New Commander of Communication

Common Dreams staff

The Trump administration on Friday officially announced that Anthony Scaramucci—a former Goldman Sachs executive who describes himself simply as an "American entrepeneur"—will be the new White House communications director.


FOR SALE to the highest bidder: One dysfunctional, stultified, corrupt federal government that refers to itself as a “democracy.” Sealed bids will only be taken from current or former Goldman Sachs executives and their Super PAC’s. Secondary bids will be accepted from executives of Deutsche Bank, Bank of China, and VEB in the event that the minimum bid is not met.

The swamp grows ever more toxic with the dawning of each new day…soon it will be declared a SuperFund Cleanup Site…that is, if the EPA is still intact.

And the 'fake news" from the WH will be taken to a whole new stratospheric level. This new dandy will be instructed to dress down so as to not upstage the emperor…

(Note the platinum Rolex $mooch-the-Pooch is sporting, whose price range is anywhere from $48,000 to $63,000- according to the watchband style of the one he is wearing. If the watch face were shown, the cost would be easy to tell. Then again, it could be a platinum Cartier that starts in six figures.)


Would you look at this nitwit! Another macho wannabe wise guy who has no clue how dumb he looks. Saturday Night Live couldn’t do a better job of nailing the farce Trump keeps trotting out. The pinnacle of self parody… unfortunately, the players are not in on the joke. Sessions, Price, Perry, DeVos, Bannon - name your fool - are running the most potent military force on earth. Maybe not so funny after all.


Probably a knock-off he picked up in Times Square.


Gotta love that CNBC “quote” – “If the president says it there’s probably some level of truth to that.”

BWAHAHAHAHA!! We know what that level is – hovering around zero (to be fair, during the campaign, only 70% of what Trump said was a bald-faced lie. A pretty good average for him). I also like the notion that there are “levels” of truth. I guess that alternative facts are one “level” of truth. I’m not sure what other levels exist, but when one deals with a republican, be prepared for all kinds of “truth” as you bend over to receive the administration of “facts”.


Just another Don clone.


Trump had appointed him for another position but it was really doubtful he could pass the ethics evaluation so it was withdrawn. This is the second or third attempt. I guess ethics are not a concern for this position.


Well now, we gotta president, his wife, in-laws and kids wearing very, very, very expensive (probably sweatshop-made) designer clothing and now this wall street corporate clone who dons $5,000 dollar suits. Is this a dream, a really, really bad one? lol


From the comments he has made this guy should fit in nicely until he says something the “socalled” president understands.

“they were "worried that the Scaramucci hiring would perpetuate the notion of ‘amateur hour’ in the West Wing.”
Really? They had to hire another putz to start worrying about that?

“I think the ship is going in the right direction,” he said. “I think [Americans] really, really love the president, if you look at individual state-by-state polls the guy’s doing phenomenally well…The president is really well loved.” You couldn’t prove it by the folks round here but Western Washington isn’t the Mid West either. With speechifying like that he will be around for a long time, no matter what the lying media" has to say.

I especially enjoyed his unequivocal support of DT with the comment “If the president said it, there’s probably some level of truth to it.”. Phew, that is worthy of a plaque. A true silver tongued devil.


When your ethics wonk quits in disgust you can take it for granted that ethics are not a worry for this administration.


situational ethics.

well, he fits in with the unprincipled, egotistical trumperydump.

wonder how long it will take for them to fall out. not long, i bet.

scaramucci talks fast and doesn’t stop for a breather. it will probably drive trumpy mad because he will not be able to keep up with scara’s fast speech patterns.
ha ha ha ha


This typical sleazy Philly dago makes me ashamed to admit that I am a quarter Philly dago too. My great-dago grandfather on my mother’s side - Francesco Ridolfo, came to Philly from Sicily in 1892.


This guy looks more like a “Pooch”, perhaps a Pit Bull.


Trump’s appointees are all good drama material. It won’t be long before Trump tells media he is sorry he hired Mooch…thereby stirring up more drama to distract us from the GOP’s sinister agenda being crafted behind locked doors. Just like we have seen with AG sessions this week.


So he supported Obama and Clinton (and her, he supported in the most recent election), thought Trump was a jerk and a liar, but now loves Trump. I.e., he is a chameleon with no real belief system or moral stance at all, able to fade into any surroundings that offer him financial succor. Should fit right in with the Trump administration, whose very foundation is based on the complete absence of any conviction beyond personal monetary gain.

But why, oh why, do all these guys look so much alike? That’s my burning question. (Things are so beyond stupid now that I feel this is as valid a question as any other.) You could put The Mooch, Jared Kushner, and Don Trump jr in a lineup and swear to God, you couldn’t pick one from the other. Do they have some kind of cloning machine over there on Pennsylvania Ave.? Invasion of the Stepford Men?


Your first paragraph captures the scene perfectly, imo.

As to the question in the second paragraph, well: why are all TV anchorpersons beautiful or handsome, slim and desirable? Why would not one of them say shit even if they had a mouthful? Remember the Billy Chrystal character? “Better to look marvelous, than to be marvelous darling.” And it is implicitly understood that all the sanctioned mouthpieces of the video slime are god-fearin’ straight folks, and don’ you ferget it!


I once had a business coach who would have pegged both Trump himself and Scaramucci as extreme “influence” types, meaning they are quintessential salemen - all talk, no substance. I realize it may not be popular in this forum to say so, but we need these types of people too. The problem is that these types are destructive and self-serving without direction and a regulated structure to operate within. As an extreme “authority” type myself, I recognize that our society with its emphasis on celebrity has elevated types like Trump and Scaramucci to positions of “authority”. This is the fundamental flaw in our current milieu, i.e., those with real authority have been and are being sidelined in favor of those with no real skills in the realm of authority.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43441”]  “On Wall Street he was known by the nickname “The Mooch,” and he’s been criticized for shady hedge fund practices and his self-promotion habits.”[/quote]

Seems that s’Mooch has a lot in common with Tweetle-Dumb.  But at least (SFAIK) he didn’t start a phony Hedge-Fund University in cahoots with the Econ. Dept. at Scientifuckology, Inc.

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43441”]  "Reportedly, no one wanted Trump to hire ‘The Mooch.’  Top Trump administration officials told The Daily Beast they were ‘worried that the Scaramucci hiring would per­petuate the notion of “amateur hour” in the West Wing’ ".[/quote]

So s’Mooch is going to be Hair Drümph’s Apprentice Kommandant uff Kommunikations.  I vunder how long it vill last 'til “You’re Fired”?

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43441”]  “Fusion’s Hamilton Nolan noted that while ‘Scaramucci has a Harvard and Goldman Sachs pedigree . . . no one has ever accused him of being an investment genius; rather, he has built his career on a preternatural ability to schmooze, which is powered by a very genuine, [and] almost pathological, need to be liked’.” [/quote]

Birds of a Feather . . .   Except that Dinkie Donnie’s neediness isn’t ‘almost’ pathological. How do you think the Russkies reeled him in so easily?  And all that neediness is bound to result in conflicts between s’Mooch and Tweetle-Dumb — there’s only so much b.s. to go around, even in the swamp.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43441”]   The Air-Kiss Sign-Off
"Leaving the podium from his first briefing Friday, [s’Mooch] gave the press corps an air kiss. Of the gesture, author Steve Silberman wrote on Twitter: ‘Scaramucci is the guy who gives you an air-kiss before you are jammed into a black car with tinted windows for a ride out to the Meadowlands’." [/quote]

WOW!  SMooch looks even slicker than that useless air-head Brian Williams on MSNBC.  I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to look so phony since Mitt Romney dropped out of sight!!


I have never seen a press so cowed. This guy is good. Worthy of the lead character in a crime novel about the Mafia. This is how Democracies end. Governed by 36% of rabid fascist. Fascist don’t respond to logic and reason. Asa matter of fact it just makes them angry and violent. Why are we still insisting on protecting our flawed election system that is intentionally arcane. Our charade democracy is the laughingstock of the globe.