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Your Health May Be in Susan Collins’ Hands. And That’s Not Good News


Your Health May Be in Susan Collins’ Hands. And That’s Not Good News

Neal Gabler

Susan Collins says she’s disturbed.


In the Old West, a man’s horse was so necessary to life that if another man stole your horse, you were within your legal right to kill that man.

Fast forward 200 years.

Thirteen ‘Greedy Old Pricks’ (GOP Senators) are preparing to take away Healthcare from Millions by enacting legislation that would remove the availability of health services to millions, just so the money that would have paid for those services can be given to the most wealthy segment of society and industry in the form of tax breaks.

#Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars!

Healthcare is an absolute necessity to life now, just as a horse was in the Old West.

If those 13 Greedy Old Pricks push this legislation, who are we as a country to say that any one of the millions who may die as a result of this ‘Greed’ wouldn’t be justified in seeking retribution against those 13?

As for Susan Collins, her enabling will guarantee her a nice warm place in Hell.


Susan Collins, in other words, ain’t our good little buddy.
Moderate, shmoderate, more than likely nope.
So, how much moola does she receive from pHarma and insurance lobbies again?
What trade goodies has Mitch the Bitch promised her I wonder???


Like every other Congressional Republican, Collins needs the support of Trump voters to win her next re-election bid. Unless she is all in for overturning the ACA, she will either lose in the primary to a Koch-addled competitor or lose to a Democrat in the general election.


Collins is simply a person with no backbone. She rode on Olympia Snowes coat tails for years. Now that Olympia is out, Collins flounders and her true character comes out. She has played up her Mainer independent Rhino streak all her career. It was an act. Once she was alone, without Snowe, she became another GOP whore (excuse the term, I use it for both Republican men and women). The other New England Rhino, Lincoln Chaffee, Rhode Island, switched to Democrat out of conscience. Collins is a nobody.


Rumor has it she wants to run for governor. Rumor also has it, she and Murkowski are getting the pass to vote no. Non-rumor has it that you are right about her enabling politics.


What has happened to the state of Maine----this is also the state of Ed Muskie—of course the real question to ask these senators—will they support one of the largest transfers of wealth to the upper 5% in American history???These politicians are criminals. Of course Chucky Todd didn’t ask Collins about this when interviewing her today.

Do democrats seriously contest this seat? This seat still being republican speaks volumes of how ineffective the democrat party has become.


I lived in Maine back in the 90’s. It does have an interesting political
make up. Snowe had a much better record in the state. I’ve always thought
Collins sort of wanted to be Snowe, so she took the chance to get in when
she could. And then do nothing.


Collins looks to me like she needs a bed next to McCain in the Alzheimer’s
Wing of the Repukes’ Party. If she is our best hope of defeating this
monstrosity, OMG.


Maine has always been a swing state. It’s unique. New Hampshire, for whatever reasons, it the most (only, really) GOP state in New England and even then it’s tipping blue these days. Maine is generally reform/progressive on issues. But they started with a completely different brand of Republicanism that most people now would not recognize. Its a Yankee Republicanism unique to the region. The wingnut current governor, LaPage does not represent it at all. Now Maine goes Democrat consistently in national elections. It has a strong environmental sector, many of it’s people are in fact on assistance. It survives on tourism, fishing, and some small industry(not much). Collins in simply coasting on a tradition of moderate Republicanism (like NY state used to have) but she is just coasting, and behind Mainer’s backs acting despicable. They need to boot her.