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'Your Life Will End': As GOP's Islamophobic Attacks Continue, Rep. Ilhan Omar Shares Terrifying Reality of Death Threats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/29/your-life-will-end-gops-islamophobic-attacks-continue-rep-ilhan-omar-shares


The courage and bravery of Rep. Omar is extraordinary to say the least. I am glad to hear this brave woman now has body guards…she definitely needs them.


Where are the threats against the sociopath creating all the hate?!


There are about 1,000 nutzoids out there feeding their macho ego with internet / twitter communicated hate and calls for violence. We had KKK in 1950’s who had to recruit by mail and in bars. Today, an emotionally disturbed dummy can purchase a Dayton 200 round magazine and street sweep.The second amendment was single round muskets !! With 45 seconds to a minute to reload.


The gun issue for me is a confusing one. Let me say off the top that I DESPISE guns but I worry about only the cops, military, and government having them. Having been in a combat zone for over two years is the main reason for my gun hatred; however, some in that same situation now WORSHIP the murderous tools.

I realize that one of the arguments is that people want guns for hunting. Well, in my opinion, the time to end hunting is here NOW! How many really need to kill animals to survive anymore? Aren’t those times pretty much gone?

Anyway, your comparing the muzzle loader to the machine gun is right on target. (No pun intended.)


Love is taught by one’s parents.

Hate is taught by one’s parents.

I’ve seen this for myself in my own life.

I wish I knew how we could teach people to love at the very earliest age, so that these children could teach their parents to love one another.


Pre-school does this. The children do get along very well. No matter wealth or poor, color of skin.
Carries over to public schools. The nearby high school principal says that the ninth graders coming in are the best people he has ever had. And this crowd is diverse !!
From gated community to homeless. From cadillacs delivering to students walking.
I like their get up and go, enthusiasm, hard work ethic, participation.

finally! results !


No shortage here from commenters. Thank God.
We can’t stop speaking out because we know that MAGA hats can quickly turn into BROWN SHIRTS.


“Teach your Children” CSNY


Gee, maybe Pelosi should have considered this before she attacked her on multiple fronts. At AIPAC, in the press, etc. She helped to create this, and so did some of her pals in her party. Not the same as the far right, but she shouldn’t escape critique on this too.


Here in WA we live in a zone where Elk muzzleloader season allows a hunter to take any elk, regardless of sex. The numbers are such that reducing the herd by data determined amounts each year is beneficial to them, only coincidentally beneficial to us. I hunt and fill a freezer every year. The meat and hide are not wasted. The muzzleloader is prohibited from having a scope here by regulation, and yes, it takes a minute or two to re-load if necessary. Its range is considerably less than a high powered rifle. This is our only meat supply all y year, save for the occasional organic chicken from costco. If you lived in a combat zone for two years, I would ask: Were you involved in one of our immoral wars of oppression? If so, have you asked forgiveness or joined the anti-war movement?


no threats for him. His supporters are the ones threatening Ilhan…


There is no reason the people need assault rifles…not civilians, not police and not military. Rapid fire weapons along with most other weapons need to be eliminated from the earth. Human beings are so backwards.


your two last sentences are rude, horrible.
One of three US army soldiers serving in Afghanistan are having nightmares.
Previous, through 700,000 years was one of six.
Do you even care? I doubt you do.
How long does it take for a veteran suffering anguish to gain a VA counselor?
A prescription?
Maybe you can be more human.
amerika will spend over one trillion dollars extra to pay disability pensions, medical and counseling for the middle east army and marine veterans. Add in the joy stick drone operators too.


Where are you living? Nowhere in the USA, that I am familiar with.

when people start speaking up for the downtrodden and others start hearing, it becomes a very dangerous path.


Teach your children well…

And don’t forget YouTube - the biggest pipeline delivering the internet/gaming generation (mostly Gen X) to fascism right now.

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Unfortunately, the hippies did a terrible job of “teaching their children well”. The Gen X that they gave birth to is the core of the rising cult of racist fascism.

We don’t need to kill deer to survive, but we sure need to shoot them to control their exploding populations and subsequent diseases (but deer and human) in my state.

And deer meat sure beats anything from a factory farm for taste and healthfulness.

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