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'Your Presence Has Always Been a Calamity': Iranian President Demands US Get Out of Persian Gulf

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/23/your-presence-has-always-been-calamity-iranian-president-demands-us-get-out-persian

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Makes perfect sense to me.


Me too. We seem to be the primary agent of chaos wherever we are…


Since WW2 we have been _____________ fill in the blank. The only thing that supports us being anywhere on the globe is MIC. Humans everywhere are sick of Americans, can you blame them?


There’s real evidence that MBS & The Trump Adm. conspired to murder Khoshoggi and cover it up. There’s real evidence that the MSM conspired with the Hawks in The Uniparty to set the MENA on fire for the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia’s interests.
There’s real evidence that war criminals of The Uniparty in our Federal Government, using the pretense of 9/11/01, have faced no consequences for their obvious serious crimes.
The flimsy evidence is that no one in Congress, for the last two decades, has the courage or the desire to do a damn thing about this dilemma.
Finally, the only evidence which is clear in our policies in the MENA and elsewhere, is that they stink to high heaven.


[quote=“Ditton, post:4, topic:68157”]
Since WW2 we have been THE #1 TERRORIST REGIME IN THE WORLD. Since WW2 the Fascist Third Reich has morphed into the Fascist Fourth Reich.

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For whatever reason I just couldn’t find the words. I couldn’t commit it to paper. It is so foreign to who I am, it’s 180 degrees outta wack. Thanks for filling in the blank.

I love the good things about America and it is soooo painful to write the truth about the bad things that Amerika has become since WWII, with the CIA’s assassinations of leaders in foreign countries to overthrow regimes that were an anathema to U.S. vested interests to the egregious lie of Vietnam that murdered 58,000 American soldiers and by some estimates two million Vietnamese and the people responsible have never been held accountable for their war crimes.


“Your presence has always been a calamity for this region, and the farther you go from our region and our nations, the more security would come for our region,” Rouhani said…

This is essentially what the Organians said to Kirk and Spock and the Klingons right after the Organians incapacitated the starships and phasers. The bad news is that human misbehavior will, it seems, continue for at least another three hundred years.

Yup, it’s what we are all thinking, but have little to no power to bring our military home. It only takes a simple statement to understand what is badly going on.

The lack of accountability has got to change, we cannot survive a 2 tiered system of justice. Here we are screaming “no one is above the law” but history says different. Mr. O and his Bankers just slays me to no end and before him and him and him and …

Maybe we need three tiers of justice instead of only two.

Now that is an interesting idea, if tilted the right way. The top 10% get their just desserts? mmmmmm interesting, requires more thought(s).

The push for war with Iran isn’t as loud as the Afghanistan-Iraq debacle. We had major protesting then but not now, yet. But will we even if the push gets louder?

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TRUE! If the statement were true that no one was above the law, there would have been a plethora of American war criminals incarcerated! From Truman, Dulles, Hoover, North, Nixon, Kissinger, Johnson and Obama to Trump. And too many others to list here.

There was a news note a few hours ago that UK, France and Germany are pointing at Iran and saying, ‘hey, you did it’. The drone / missle attack on two saudi targets.

suggest UN folks do their dance around this. Maybe cool down period.

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Hi Gandolf:
But it is so sad and weird, that all the presidents who never went to war, want to create one, or two… : (

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Americans were popular in the days of John Kennedy.

Damn it hurts, the truth hurts. Will we see a truth and reconciliation committee like what was in South Africa? We ought to have one, me thinks.

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Ya, the Peace Corp, remember that? We tried to help people not blow them up.