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'Your Presence Has Always Been a Calamity': Iranian President Demands US Get Out of Persian Gulf

Hi Ditton, sigh----we really need another FDR, and I think Bernie is closest to that than anyone else. NOT that FDR was a saint, because I have read quite a few things about his knowledge of what Japan was planing and that some say that he let Pearl Harbor happen. I wonder if that’s where Bush/ Cheney got their 9/11 idea?

Hi…uuuummmm there was an attempted at warning FDR by the Japanese ambassador but there was a misunderstanding due to language and who got the warning first and so FDR was left in the dark until after the attack, it could have been prevented if he had known earlier but the message fell through the cracks, unlike 9-11, 9-11 is a whole diffrent can of worms and requires it’s own comment :-)))…Bernie is as close as we will ever get to FDR, FDR had his faults to be sure if you compare what he did in terms of today’s standards, if examined in terms of the 1930’s and 1940’s, not so much…

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