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Your Representatives Are Home This Week. Make Them Listen to You


Your Representatives Are Home This Week. Make Them Listen to You.

Myrna Ivonne Wallace Fuentes, Ezra Levin

A month into the Trump administration, we can see the outline of Trump’s vision for America: An attorney general who prosecuted voting rights activists; a secretary of education devoted to dismantling our public education system; and a head of the Environmental Protection Agency who wants to dismantle environmental protections.


Dear Ms Fuentes and Mr Levin,
Glad to hear the citizens of this nation are being creative about getting to their congress creatures.
I must however offer a wee correction about the Tea Party; that org was astroturf to the max and funded by the 'darling' (sic) Koch Brothers.


I just called Rep. Sires office...was told to check the local Jersey City office for any town hall meetings.
I told the staff person I have checked everyday.
the staffer was not very sympathetic at all....
Sires: District 8, New Jersey....
I will remember this LATEST lack of interest in the "little people"
My husband said he thought they would call us back....
I am not so naive... the establishment (Clintonians, and ilk) only care about the $$$ people..,
like their daughter and son-in-law (hedge fund manager) ilk.


Elevating Abbie Hoffman's 1971 action strategies delineated in Steal This Book perhaps we should all be posting 3x5" cards on laundromat bulletin boards advertising free baby clothes that direct inquiries to electeds' phone numbers. That should get their phones ringing off the hook.


This strategy should help put the Republicans on the defensive. They represent about a third of the country. Based on Trump's approval ratings the other two-thirds does not agree with their extremist agenda. Challenging these Republicans when they are home for recess provides clear evidence of the opposition to their agenda and should move some of them to shift their positions in line with the majority. This is democracy in action. Doing nothing but getting active during election time is not enough.


I called Rep. Colin Peterson's (D-MN) office yesterday. the woman who answered listened politely. However Rep. Peterson, a BlueDog who has been in Congress for decades, is scheduling NO Town Halls.

Maybe it's time to learn form the tea party, and primary these fatcats.


No "maybe".

"Its time to primary these fatcats" INDEED !