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"Your Silence and Amnesia Is Complicity': Booker Blasts Nielsen for "Shithole" Memory Failure


At long last, a Democrat names the obvious behavior: “Complicity.”


Rage is all the ‘rage’ this week in political circles. It will remain as vacuous as all the other talk these days. Real substance, that which helps Americans directly, will remain elusive as ever. As this ‘shithole’ nation heads toward the abyss of oblivion, we will continue to suffer at the hands of the ruling class and their sycophantic government stooges led by the king of stooges, Mr Trump and his court of corporate vampires.


Absolutely agree. We continue to react to the symptoms, rather than the disease.


And a Norwegian first and last name, naturally.


Wouldn’t those things be a bit off the topic of this hearing?


Excellent article Trump must be prevented from persisting with the Nazi dictum (Goebbels’ speech Nov. 27, 1925) …we can see the … If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself. With trump it could be if he lies often enough soon even the complicit Republicans will never believe him even when perchance he says something that is true

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Many times recently, even Bill Maher has said W wasn’t so bad, after all…

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To Norwegians, and Norway, the U.S. is a shithole country.


Exactly. Any Norwegian who would want to even visit the USA is not someone normal Norwegians probably care much about.




A slippery slimy little thing isn’t she? Why is everyone surprised and in denial? She could be right out of the Fox stablesThis is a Steve Miller script, has been from the start. Listen to Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro. Replay the Trump rallies. We have elected a fascist, and because of the flaw in our election system we have taken a wrecking ball to any democracy, we had left. Traded for a few pieces of silver and the buggers stole that as well. Crumbs from the master’s table? Hell, we didn’t even get that.


Thank you Senator Booker. I called his office to thank him. I hope you do the same. Encouragement where deserved in these times is very important.

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The only problem I had with Senator Booker’s comments was that it probably flew right over the little chippies head.


Booker being a member of the capitalist democratic party is complicity in the destruction of life on Earth.

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I agree… I’ve been warning about the Third Reich reincarnating here for so long…and I’ve been actually using the right words like fascism, Third Reich, wannabe nazis. I don’t understand why so many people, who should know better, are refusing to see that. We’re micrometers from “Sieg heil.”


We can expect to hear more like this from the neoliberal contingent— Kamala, Biden, Booker and the rest. Obviously Booker is running for president in 2020.

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Apparently there is a shithole inside Nielson’s mind where she dumps all the memories that might get her into trouble.


“Your Silence and Amnesia Is Complicity”: Booker Blasts Nielsen for “Shithole” Memory Failure

This line of thinking is gradually gaining power from the logic of the Nuremberg Principles following ww2. Nazis were not innocent because they were following the orders of superior people.

If one claims to be human then one knows instinctively that cooperation is complicity.

The US government has murdered almost 25 million people and destroyed many democracies world-wide since 1945. This figure obviously does not include 10 million or so indigenous north Americans and a similar number of Philippinos.

Silence and acceptance of US government atrocities is allowing smiling ghouls in the US congress to impose austerity at home for the benefit of the rich.


As with Sexual Abuse, the people who refuse to see and/or admit what they have seen must share the guilt of the perpetrators. The Trump administration cannot hide behind “I do not recall/remember” forever. Like a sore that festers beneath the skin, the rottenness will eventually erupt. And all involved will be tainted.

Secretary Nielsen’s intelligence and familiarity with issues is impressive. It’s a shame that she chose to serve the Dark Side.


of which the Democrat doing the naming is supremely guilty