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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Hallie Templeton

As part of its Blue Economy initiative, the Trump administration has developed a map to provide ocean industries information on areas ripe for oil rigs and floating factory farms. The map brands these areas as “ocean neighborhoods.” Though that sounds pretty cozy, it is nothing close to reality. What’s in store for these “neighborhoods?” Massive rigs and other infrastructure, increased vessel traffic and noise, the inherent risk of dirty oil spills and blowouts and unavoidable toxic discharge.

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The Trump Adm. continues the momentum of the U.S.'s environmental wrecking ball. He didn’t start the demise of the strained ocean, but he’s adding lots of acceleration to the demolition under way.

We can complain and pontificate all the way to our collective grave, but the reality of our situation is simple: The only way to stop them from killing us all is to start killing them.