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'Your Turn, Amazon and Microsoft': Civil Liberties Advocates Applaud IBM Decision to Ditch Facial Recognition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/your-turn-amazon-and-microsoft-civil-liberties-advocates-applaud-ibm-decision-ditch

I spy with my little eye!

I see Bobby, and Susie, and Todd, and Dennis, and Alvin, and Dianne.

---- Somehow, I think that as long as mobile devices have multiple cameras, microphones, GPSs, inertial sensors, wifi, Bluetooth and god knows what else, the surveillance state is going to be using them.

Why, they even set up a totally new, secret government above countries, and didnt tell most of us, you can bet they are doing the exact same thing with telecommunications hardware and even general purpose computers, in secret.

We’re no longer the boss, as our supposedly elected leaders are basically working for others at this point.

We get a “choice” between Coke and Pepsi.

No doubt these new laws include a requirement that governments lie, do whatever it takes to conceal whats going on.

Well with all the face masks now it’s a bit obsolete. ;))

Code for ditch it until the storm blows over then sell the ell out of it.

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There have already been laws proposed making masks illegal in certain states and cities, I suspect gearing up for this very technology. It would be a much easier fight to outlaw the technology nationwide, than have to fight at each local level IMO.

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If that last sentence rings true, and we practice just a little bit of cynicism, facial recognition might be old hat soon. You will get a tracking chip automatically embedded at birth.
So much for hide and seek.

If what you mean is a unique identifier, we already have a great many of them, our irises are two. Face is another. Fingerprints, footprint, and especially DNA.