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Your Vote at the EU Referendum Will Determine Our Future


Your Vote at the EU Referendum Will Determine Our Future

Bianca Jagger

Great Britain is my adopted home. I have deep affection for this nation — for its people, for its great tradition of liberalism, its commitment to justice and human rights. For its art, literature, theatre, music and film, its long record of ground-breaking scientific discoveries, its beautiful countryside, its National Health Service... I could go on.


Two things about Bianca: She is passionate and she is not the soul of wit.


Yes, its a lot easier for corporations to have an EU central bribe center that gives corporations a better return on investment than having to run around bribing the honchos in each nation.

A commercial alliance to improve competitive advantage against the US is a good idea, but needs to be structured better than the EU is.


" I fear that if Great Britain were to leave Europe, we could be left to the tender mercies of the UK government."

That is a profound argument for remaining in the EU. The British Government has, since the onset of Tony Bliar, imposed police-state legislation on citizens of the UK and has not failed to use it. The News of the World was prosecuted by the British Government for hacking mobile phones at the very same time that the government was doing the very same thing, justifying it under law. Under Thatcher, assorted Irish were imprisoned on false charges; I don't refer to the murderous thugs then rampant in Northern Ireland. There are indeed times when Her Britannic Majesty's Government does seem to rquire a legalistic tap on the shoulder from outside the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

I will grant Boris Johnson his concerns about Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Hitler (as well as Louis 14th and William the Conqueror, and the French may indeed fear a new "Black Prince" and Henry V)), just as I grant Putin's concerns about the first three named; but then the UK and the French should not have built the Channel Tunnel if those concerns were to be still seen as serious. Indeed, I was always taught that the UK's nuclear weapons, aided by those in the USA, were responsible for keeping the peace in Europe.

The European Union clearly needs political reform, and its abuse by the financial industry should be halted. But for the UK to leave the EU will achieve nothing in these areas as the political and financial rapists of this world will simply keep on keeping on in other ways.


Can someone enlighten me? I am supposed to be influenced by Bianca Jagger because........?


Because she is the spouse of an aging celebrity who is at least a self-medicating, bi-polar, street drug abuser and at worst possessed of multiple personalities. Kind of like Hillary Clinton!


Ah right that'll do it thanks Tim.
I wonder if she'd publish her tax return for us?
Had look at her profile. It would seem wor Mick married himself in 1971.


Championing the virtues of the Br. on human rights - (perhaps she should speak to Iraquis, Assange or India and the rest of the Br. colonies to form a more accurate take on that) sets the mood for the garbage that follows.
One need not know much of the EU to get an idea of what it stands for. A good look at its underhanded role in the sack of Greece would be sufficient.