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Your Worst Fears About Fox News Are Confirmed By New Study


Your Worst Fears About Fox News Are Confirmed By New Study

Julia Conley, staff writer

Fox News Channel has been recognized since its inception in 1996, when it was established by Republican operative Roger Ailes, as a right-leaning news source. But a new study published in the American Economic Review shows just how influential the channel is when it comes to changing viewers' minds, causing them to shift to the right on political issues—and even influencing election outcomes in ways that the outlet's more liberal counterparts don't.


The moe things change, the more tey remain the same…


60 years ago a majority of doctors smoked and recommended smoking to remedy low blood pressure, and other ailments. Unlike Fox’s fake news, the doctors’ recommendations were not 100% phony…the side effects of smoking were simply worse than its remedial qualities…not unlike many prescription drugs today. I read the list of side effects and decide that I am better off living with the ailment. It wasn’t until the surgeon general’s 1964 report that doctors stopped recommending smoking and started quitting smoking in large numbers.

Goebbels would be green with envy to see how Fox has outdone him.


Did the survey also check how often Faux is happy to Outright Lie about political issues as compared to the other networks?

I’d bet there is also a correlation between the number of Lies (and how often they are Repeated) on Faux and how many viewers they persuade.

Oh, and of course Faux is also the Number One consumer of Blonde Female “Nooze Personalities” in the business. I’d bet good money they paid for studies to determine just how willing the average Male Viewer is to believe a lie when it comes from a Blonde woman as opposed to a Male newsreader.


FOX - the original FAKE NEWS


Often times Faux does not use outright lies, but very subtle restatements of events that are only partially true or accurate.


I think that the fact that Fox News is able to convince Democrats to vote Republican says more about Democrats than it does about Fox News. So sue me…


…nice teeth and teats; very marketable.


Not “often times” but most times "Faux does not use outright lies… "


That’s why I call them Fux Noise.


Murdoch and Ailes saw the truth of what their idiot, right-wing, male demographic wanted - blonde hair and lots of legs. Of course, the side benefit was that Ailes, a fat, triple-chinned ugly old man had a bevy of babes to come on to and pressure for sex.


Fux Noise is appalling enough but now we have the rise of Sinclair Broadcasting which looks to be even worse. One requirement from these right-wing whores is that any station broadcasting under them has to include some hack with commentaries praising Trump or his policies every day. This is state propaganda that makes even Fux look less awful because I do sometimes see a link to one of their features that is critical of Trump. Not so on Sinclair. One of their stations in Seattle got around this crap by broadcasting the piece at 4 in the morning. Of course, if the suits at Sinclair hear about it that, will stop.


There’s a typo in the above headline – no “scare-quotes” around the word “News” . . .

Just as many people who claim to be “Christians” really aren’t, many people who claim to be “Democrats” really aren’t.  Take Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (aka DWS), for example.


There is no surprise that liberal outlets don’t change conservative mindsets. They are locked and set in cement and will never move away from the right. That cement leans right and keeps them sliding that way.


We see the effect of faux news - WMD’s fooled the majority of the American people - oh that was the New York Times - Washington Post - CBS, NBC, ABC…
Russia fixed the election -CNN,MSNBC

FOX is propaganda as is nearly all US media -


If you use MSM to help you decide how you feel about issues you should not be voting in the first place. Do your own research look at everything you can on both sides of the issue. Look at independent sources don’t just go with what one source tells you is right. Do your homework and make a fully informed decision.


Agreed, but I think what it says about ‘supposed’ Democrats is that they’re not really Democrats. In truth, they probably don’t really know what they are. What those on the right term ‘Squishes’.


True, and makes you realize why it’s called the oldest profession in the world, and always will be. Sex, that is.


At the risk of sounding elitist – which btw is the right’s default accusation about anyone on the left – this article demonstrates why it should be required to take a legitimate, yet simple, test about current events/basic civics. Something along the lines of what the League of Women Voters generally comes up with. And notice I said ‘legitimate’, not some trumped-up phony exam designed to disqualify voters (voter suppression).

Because if your political views are going to be influenced by your feeble attempt to try and catch a crotch shot of one of these babes crossing her legs on the sofa, well you probably ought to be watching pro wrestling instead.


Subhed sez: “Everyone knows the news outlet serves as a virtual propaganda tool …”