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'You're Damn Right': Sanders Doesn't Cower From Call to Get Rid of Private Insurance Companies


'You're Damn Right': Sanders Doesn't Cower From Call to Get Rid of Private Insurance Companies

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Arguing that piecemeal reforms to America's for-profit healthcare system will not be sufficient to address the needs of millions who are suffering due to lack of insurance and soaring drug costs, Sen. Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that the U.S. must "get rid of the insurance companies" and move to Medicare for All.



Health insurance companies are not about health they are about wealth.



I think Bernie is right, as usual. With each successful incremental change to our system we increase the numbers of people relatively satisfied with their care who are unlikely to welcome the risk of change. The longer we wait to do a complete overhaul, the less likely that it will ever be achieved.



Insurance companies are killing u.s. all the way to the bank. Your Damn Right Bernie.



We, you and I, must fight against the disease of greed. Our society is disease riddled, it is in every organ within our cultures body. It starts with each of us to realize greed for the good life has killed the planet. It is hard to consider our personal illness extends all the way out to a global issue. The flap of a butterflies wings. Bernie is correct. This is a step in fighting the disease.



Bernie is right because the idea he promotes is right.
Profiting on the unnecessary suffering of people is flat out wrong. Becoming wealthy doing so is a crime. People are dying because of American $$$$ culture.
The disconnect between patriotism and truth is wider than the Grand Canyon under present ‘health care’. Make America great again by making America provide universal health care for everyone. Make big pharma and the doctors lower their costs. Criminality is the norm. Lots of places to scrape the money together once you identify the wealthy targets able to bear an income correction.
Culture must change.



Dream notification to investors in Private Health Insurance Industry :

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So most people agree with Bernie’s plan … When and how do we get his plan in action? Do we have to wait until Trump, McConnell, Pelosi and the other crooks say ”OK?”



Can you imagine if Trump and the republicans figure out the way to eliminate democrats indefinitely would be by supporting single payer!? Where could the insurance companies and big pharma go then with their bribes? Nowhere. The rabid republican base would like it more than most suppose because so many are from poor red states and single payer is one government idea they’d support. But Trump et al are too wedded to ideology to understand this. And so we’re left arguing on internet sites with corporate dems to see a light which burns so bright and obvious that it’s blinding us. Is there a single country in the world with socialized medicine clamoring to get insurance companies back in the health care game? They should never have been allowed to control such a critical public need in the first place.



The ACA (as with so many supposed Democratic Party solutions) has proven that incremental change does not work.



I would argue that it is time–but will never happen–to do away with ALL TYPES OF “INSURANCE”. Insurance is nothing more than a racket and legalized extortion. The prime reason for those companies to exist is TO MAKE PROFITS…PERIOD. The only thing those companies want to INSURE is their profits.

Who out there has an auto insurance policy that gives a rebate at the end of the year to drivers who have no accidents? Ask that same question of any other insurance coverages. To me "INSURANCE is nothing more than legalized theft built on fear. Seems nothing short of “betting against the house” and ALWAYS LOSING no matter how well you do!



The first step would be ELECT HIM!!!



Excellent point, elbruco.

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Like the “War Industry”.



I think the first step is to get into and STAY IN the streets and in representatives’ offices until they HAVE to take action and the media HAS to cover it because of our numbers and impact of them.



Because ultimately we have to recognize that the current system is incredibly dysfunctional and wasteful."

Well said Bernie! That takes courage, but you left out one important adjective - deceitful.



Americans largest expense used to be a mortgage, now health care (insurance) and a college education (for those w/student loans) have become 2nd and 3rd mortgages. Few can make three mortgage payments a month.

So what do they do? Enter the job market and either work three jobs or claw their way to the top so they can pay their 3 mortgages. This only serves to further perpetuate the cycle of profiting off those who can least afford it. You ain’t spending your summers in the insurance co’s exec’s summer beach home on a private island, eh?

Our only saving grace is that most, especially younger, millennials see this as grossly unfair and are determined to do something about it. AOC is the gift we never saw coming and the “one we’ve been waiting for” is actually Bernie.



You got it! If one cannot afford their premium, the Health Insurance companies could care less and if you die that is your problem…not theirs.



For the most part the problem isn’t the doctors themselves, although there are always a few bad apples in any group.  The real problem is profiteering by Private Hospitals, Big Pharma and – of course – Big Insurance.  The first two need to be strictly regulated and the third, as Bernie points out, must be elim­inated entirely through a REAL Medicare-for-All program.



Let’s be clear: A vote for Beto-and-switch is a vote for big insurance and big pharma. Hell naw.