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"You're Not a Dictator": Trump Informed He Can't Launch War By Tweet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/06/youre-not-dictator-trump-informed-he-cant-launch-war-tweet

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In his tiny mind, he is Benito the Cheeto, and we should all be bowing before the Chosen One.


Trump wants the power. Just power. Our royal President can’t help but seek power even at the expense of democracy. If they asked Trump “Would you accept a crown if it were offered?” You’d best believe that he would choose the crown over democracy.


Hey Dorsey if you’re reading this you are a hypocritical coward.

“The Constitution doesn’t allow presidents to declare war over social media.”

NOT ANYMORE! To Trump the Constitution is just a worthless document… It has happened here! Amerika now has it’s own Fuerher! Trump will declare the NEXT SHOCKING WAR CRIMINAL, DEVASTATION AND ATTACK ON IRAN…BY TWITTER.


Hahahaahha…OMFG…OF COURSE HE IS A DICTATOR!!! That’s the whole point you idiot

The abject moron who tweeted this is clearly tone deaf and hasnt paid attention. A dictator and a low life terrorist is exactly what Trump is!


The threats posed by the pathological trumpenfuhrer are those of a dictator, in his malignant fantasy a hero, not the threat to all humanity and the Natural World he is! He well deserves the fate of such other dictators who destroyed so much and killed so many.

" His judgment cometh and that right soon"! - cannot be soon enough for me!


His tweets contradict one another within minutes.

So how the hell could they mean anything?


And now, unfortunately… the leader of an Amerikan, military, dictatorship!


This is a tweet from Baghdad Washington Post reporter Mustafa Salim in the morning before Suleimani was assassinated by Trump and his deplorables.

“I received a phone call from @realDonaldTrump when the embassy protests ended thanking the government efforts and asked Iraq to play the mediator’s role between US and Iran” Iraqi PM said."

Mr Salim was scheduled to meet with Soleimani after his fatal arrival in Baghdad and America decided to destroy any attempts to negotiate a dialog between the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It looks like some peace move between Saudi Arabia and Iran was afoot, with Iraq playing the role of mediator, and unfortunately the USraelis saw any peace deal as a clear threat.


Trump Informed He Can’t Launch War By Tweet.

Of course he can, and he will.

Expanding the unitary executive theory to include defiance of congress has been the goal of Cheney and Rumsfeld since they first got into politics and began to reshape the Republican party into the 4th Reich.

This may be the biggest reason that Republicans have so wholly and fully supported Trump—this is the war they have lusted after since Reagan. Republicans saw in Bush an easily manipulated moron who could be talked into signing on to anything, but probably couldn’t believe their good fortune when they realized that Trump was Bush in spades. Simply call Hannity or “Fox and Friends” and have them suggest some new atrocity and the psychopathic reality show star would demand that they “make it so.”

Every tweet now escalates the situation until we can attack Iran with everything we have and burn it down to the oil, which we will then claim as ours. If only the ayatollahs had just allowed our hand-picked dictator to stay in power and give us the oil, all of this would have been avoided. This way, we get it anyway and also get to kill lots of people, while soaring arms stock makes a few old white men even richer.

And all because Trump is the dumbest, least literate, most ignorant, most corrupt government official in the history of human governments.

And because Democrats just recently joined Republicans in overwhelmingly passing to him the authority and the funds to do anything he wants, anywhere at any time.


This is not a Trump problem. The GOP has operated not as a political party but as an organized crime syndicate at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago.

Trump “not a dictator” ? Although Trump’s style is indeed different than his GOP predecessors, the results continue to be the same. Just as mafia dons function as dictators, the leaders of fascist organizations are dictators.


But they could not have believed their good fortune when this easily manipulated blundering moron was dumped in their laps. I doubt even a President Dick Cheney would have provided such an opportunity for them to do everything they have always wanted to do.


I have to pinch myself occasionally just to make sure these last few years aren’t just one long nightmare.


The democrats are having orgasms and wet dreams over the attacks on Iran … what they always wanted to do but were afraid to ask. The dem position only a few hours past ‘it’s alright but you should have told us. We felt sooooo left out of the fun’.

Granted a few dems are speaking in closely phrased statements against the venue of the murder and the possible consequences. 'it’s alright but you fu**** up.


The problem, Ro, is that even if congress votes, it will be a party line vote with no sign of conscience involved, not to mention not truly voting for what their constituents want. “Representative government” is just a catch phrase that is never used in process. One would think that invading and murdering in a foreign country would be put out for “We the People” to vote on before a decision is made. We live in the age of the internet so there is no excuse for not polling the public.


The problem compounds because Donald had a ghost writer on his twitter September 2016.

If Kushner or other staffer can publish, how will media, military, know that it is a direct communication.

Addition = a hacker publishes onto the trump account.

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Except that this would be direct democracy, which the founders explicitly rejected so that the plutocracy could have the final say.


Then HOW can we even have “representative democracy” if the politicians don’t know what the people want?! I know. I know. Rhetorical question because they DON’T want to know what people want. I guess there is NO democracy (or Republic) in reality…

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Once the war starts, all needed appropriations for carrying it out will approved in a “bipartisan manner,” and though they will voice their reluctance and sadness, Democrats will support the war in order to “unify the country.”