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'You're Not Supposed to Say This Out Loud': GOP Lawmaker Admits Pushing Tax Scam to Please His Rich Donors


'You're Not Supposed to Say This Out Loud': GOP Lawmaker Admits Pushing Tax Scam to Please His Rich Donors

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Yet more evidence that the GOP is "putting donors over 38 million middle-class Americans"


Thank you Rep. Collins! Wish I thought the MSM would run with that comment! Publicly financed elections are the only way to go to make this nightmare of a government of ours GO AWAY.


Let’s continually name names of these mega donors, same with Paradise Papers. Keep naming the names.


Yes, absolutely- and make sure it goes public in all areas


Is it time to take to the streets yet???


It’s really not a secret anyway.

I guess he got tired of lying about it.


And…hand counted paper ballots.


I wonder what it must feel like to be a slave to someone. I know people of color have had a very hard time with slavery but this is a different kind of slavery. With this kind people are selling their souls, their hearts, their very being for Monies. What is it like to be a Money Whore? That is what these folks are, prostitutes.


What about the people of the United States! you SOB’s are traitors to the people and country!! we will vote all you bastards out!!


Counted by UN Peace Keepers…


And the poor? Why no mention? Many of these GOP attacks are aimed in stoking middle class resentment toward the poor.


This may be the ultimate “teachable moment.” If we continue to require those who wish to run for office to raise obscenely high amounts of money to do so (and get re-elected), we will never evolve out of our willful quagmire.
Media corporations should be required to donate X percentage of their air time and print space to ALL candidates.
If they don’t do so, that will be considered a violation of the charter they receive from the government that allows them to operate at all. Penalties and percentages to be worked out. The principle should remain inviolate.


Appreciate the honesty. Hope your donors don’t want to speak with you again.


Your proposal would endanger the plutocracy.

Reagan recognized that truth when he ended the fairness doctrine.that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable, and balanced.


Looks like you can party tonight KC - the Democrats are sweeping in Virginia.


Eh, I’m on the West Coast. I’m partying over a legislative map that includes more competitive districts. Whether Dems take the House of Delegates or not, Republicans can’t do what they did in Wisconsin now and lose over half the vote but gain seats, like in 2012 after the gerrymander. When congressmen care more about being primaried from the right, that’s a problem for all of us.


Looks like a blue wave in today’s elections. Will repubs (1) realize they must change or be roundly turned out of power and tone way down their tax cut plan OR go all in for one catastrophic act for the rich and then be thrown out.


If you’re on the West Coast then maybe you are also rooting for the deep blue progressive wall being built up from Cal to Wash, when the Dem wins the election in the 45th District state senate seat in the Evergreen State.


I know - but you’ve posted like 20 times about winning the governorship in Virginia so I figured it was a big deal to you.
This may also swing a seat or two in Congress down the road as you’ve pointed out.


Yeah, you got me—it is. So much of what we talk about here is about selloutism and whatnot, but the reality is a big challenge for progressivism is institutional. It’s tough to win in +5 Republican districts whether moderate or progressive. The best way to change this is making districts more competitive, not less. The way to do this is to not let Republicans draw districts, especially in age where there are programs that allow districts to be drawn by the push of a button with much more accuracy than in the past.