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'You're Not Welcome': UK Leaders Call for Trump Ban After 'Hate-Fueled' Retweets

'You're Not Welcome': UK Leaders Call for Trump Ban After 'Hate-Fueled' Retweets

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"He is no ally or friend of ours. Donald Trump you are not welcome in my country and my city," said one Labour MP


If Brattleboro Vermont can order the arrest of bush and Cheney for war crimes the uk has the right to refuse entry to any undesirables…

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" It beggars belief that the president of our closest ally doesn’t see that his support of this extremist group actively undermines the values of tolerance and diversity that makes Britain so great."

Actually, he does see that. That’s what we’re all up against. This monster is on his way to becoming a brutal dictator.

And the Republicans stand by and don’t impeach because they think they need him. Little do they know that Trump stands with no one but himself and will cut anyone down for his own purposes, no matter who they are, family included.

Completely sick.

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And the nightmare goes on as we destroy our very soul.

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Donald “psychopath” Trump is not welcome in the great state of Washington!!!


What ever happened to #TheResistance? Not much of a resistance if you ask me… The so-called anti-Trump movement peaked the day after his election with the women’s march, since then it’s been little more than a hashtag.

The resistance is alive and well. But how do you change the minds of a few Republican senators to switch their votes? There is no easy answer. There have been numerous street protests and contentious town hall meetings and many lawsuits. So the law suits have limited the Muslim ban and slowed down the dismantling of the EPA and other attacks by Trump and his gang. And no significant legislation backed by Trump has been passed. But Trump just continues like the bull in the china shop trying to wreck whatever Obama accomplished and more. If you want more resistance join the resistance rather than pretending nothing has been happening to stop Trump.

Our president is sick: he cannot stomach in-your-face rejection any more than he can stay away from Tweeting away his mind. Anything you limeys can do to help push him over the rails will be much appreciated by many ‘English’ speakers on this side of the Atlantic. Cancel his visit or ban him; we will thank you for it.

Trump needs to become a man without a country. Non persona grata not welcome in any country; MOST OF ALL IN THE U.S.!

And we should enforce this ban on Trump by total, non cooperation.

Please UK, for the sake of us sane people in the USA, keep that creep out of your country. The more you can de-ligitimize him, the better for us.

For those unfamiliar with UK politics, the quotes above include members of all three major political parties in England

Don’t believe the news. Regular Americans love him. And if he is banned from the U.K., I hope we drop the U.K as an ally. We should let you go bankrupt too because without the Fed underwriting all the loans in Europe, no one would loan you money. Our debt is small compared to our resources which is what actually counts. If this was 1900, no one would loan Europe a penny without the Federal Reserve.

Without the U.S., good luck defending the Falklands.

Let me add this; all these intellectual snobs who hate President Trump are the first people who would throw the U.K. to the wolves if you needed help. The people who drive the pickups and go deer hunting are the ones who support the United Kingdom. you may feel good about hating Trump, but you won’t feel good if you need us and you offended the only people who support you; the regular Joe Americans. Do you think these Trump haters are going to support you in the Falklands if you fight a country in Latin America.