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'You're Outta Here, Son': Josh Fox Kicked Off Fox News Over Fracking Report


'You're Outta Here, Son': Josh Fox Kicked Off Fox News Over Fracking Report

Common Dreams staff

Josh Fox, an environmental activist and director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland, on Monday joined Fox News host Stuart Varney to discuss a recent government report on the effects of fracking on groundwater and the media's misleading coverage of its findings, as well as Varney's stance that he would not frack on his own land, but would prescribe it for the rest of the state of New York.


The Goebbels method there, Stuart. Over and over. You must be so proud.


Cheers to Josh Fox!

THIS is the kind of shaming of the mainstream corporate servicing media that should occur again and again and again.

The media is the lynchpin that secures the power of the assholes that have taken over this country. It is also ultimately their Achilles heel.


To be kicked off Fox “News” should be seen as an honor. Hats off Josh!


Varney: I don’t wanna play this game anymore, so there. My rules and my rules only. Humph." (In the voice of a spoiled, nasty little boy)

I applaud Josh Fox for his classy demeanor and steadfast adherence to facts, not FOX faux fact.

Varney probably got a merit raise for his childish tirade. That’s what FOX is about: blustering invectives, distortion, revisionist history, pick-and-choose reporting, total lack of vetting/researching news, yellow journalism, and outright dissemination of misinformation.


The first target durung any coup is the broad cast studios. Those are already owned by mega corporations.


Well it is Faux News. What did you expect? When and if the truth is ever told on that network it will be apologised for. Why do you think the old and senile are the only poor ignorant individuals who watch that nonsense?


How many common dreamers remember back in '88 when Dan Rather pulled the same nonsense on then VP GHW “Poppy” Bush. Bush in answer to being confronted about his VP conduct asked Rather how he would like his entire journalism career judged by his well known walk off of a live CBS newscast 10 minute early. To which Rather brusquely declared “this interview is over”.
The problem is a media and political elite each of which feel that only they are the true representatives of “the people” and that as such their respective roles are unassailable. Like two colliding dirigibles each seeking to secure themselves a to the lone mooring mast of public consensus, the egotistical attitudes of both politicians and journalists sooner or later crash and burn as sparks fly from their juvenile encounters with each other.


Looking it up I found that the land owned by Stuart Varney is in Delaware and Broome Counties (NY) (source: http://www.nyfoa.org/member_profiles/varney_stuart.php ) and there is some naturally occurring methane in the water there (source: http://stateimpact.npr.org/pennsylvania/2013/12/17/usgs-study-methane-common-in-groundwater-of-new-yorks-southern-tier/ ).

So it’s quite possible Stuart Varney was telling the truth.

Of course, assuming the USGS study is correct, fracking would make a bad situation worse - but that doesn’t justify calling someone a liar who may have been telling the truth.


Good work–I particularly appreciate the links.



Extra characters to get past the 10 character post limit.


Stuart Varney is a vile, despicable little right wing toad who pays total obeisance to his corporate masters. He will never deviate from the corporatist script that he is handed.


For some reason this reminds me of William F. Buckley’s show many years ago. The victim could hardly finish a sentence before being interrupted, either by Buckley, or his team of stooges in the audience.

  • Fascism continues to grow in the United States Fourth Reich.


Oh yeah, the same thing happened in Nazi Germany.


Anyone who doesn’t click on and watch the episode will not realize that Verney kicked him off for saying “you’re lying” which is understandable. And another commenter found evidence that infact there were areas with methane in the water before the fracking. This doesn’t mean Fox’s overall take–that the EPA at the behest of the Obama admin is slapping fracking-friendly headlines on damning reports–is wrong. But ending the interview after being called a liar is not like ending the interview because Fox was getting the better of the discussion.


So true. Buckley was a racist fascist through and through. He was a big fan of Francisco Franco and Pinochet.


William F. Buckley always came off as a narcissistic arrogant elitist who had a public platform from which to spew his invective with impunity. Did not matter who was on the show, he/she (very rarely a woman, if ever) would never measure up in WFB’s eyes. His condescension was palpable. Tried as I might (to see what the conservative other side had to say), I could not stomach an entire show.