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You're Scum, Your Time Will Come: Trump Supporters Shove Out Young Black Protester In, Yes, Your Country In 2016


You're Scum, Your Time Will Come: Trump Supporters Shove Out Young Black Protester In, Yes, Your Country In 2016

Apologies to those of you understandably all Trumped out. But sweet Mother of God: At a snarling, jabbing, invective-laden "rally" in Louisville, a mob of Trump supporters - following The Donald's vicious lead from the stage - jostled a black college student out of the building, calling her "nigger" and "cunt" as she passed. The brave charge was led by a white supremacist known as "The Little Führer” who argues "White Americans (must) either push back or be pushed down." This is what the GOP has wrought.


No the past is not dead–at all. And racism is the rot.


I don’t entirely blame the GOP. They’ve taken advantage of growing bitterness at things that were wrought by a Democratic party in thrall to big money, starting with Bill Clinton – lost jobs, lost work opportunities, lost retirement, lost lives – and created a focal point for the rage in racial differences. If anyone had given a damn about their losses, a lot of the people responding to sickening scenarios like the one in this story might never have considered participating in it. This is why I believe Bernie Sanders’ election is not just desirable, but imperative. The rage fueling this trajectory is not going to go away under a HIllary Clinton presidency, in the unlikely event she could beat Trump. She will do nothing to make their lives any better, and their anger will grow. I truly believe if she is elected, the rage will become more and more violent.


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Trump Rally: Just a buncha boyz in da hoods


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Well said.

Others have been abused and thrown out of rallies and caucuses as well, not just this woman. Racism comes in many different forms. When will we realize that it is time to make ALL LIVES MATTER?


Disturbing, isn’t it? Even more disturbing is that Steinem, who promises women who don’t vote for HRC a “special place in hell” is featured in this month’s Land’s End Easter catalogue. Land’s End is a division of Sears who has been selling swastika jewelry.

Funny, Scalia warned of internment camps a few years before he died. Yes, you are right how far will things go?


Yes, I think there’s way too much “shut up and listen” going on. There has become so much instantaneous collective judgment with social media that people feel they can’t speak their truth unless it’s in line with the currently approved speech, or they’ll be immediately judged – “racist,” “hater,” etc. I feel what we need is basically a truth and reconciliation movement, and while I’ve never been part of one, I think it has to involve everyone speaking their truth, with no name-calling or shaming allowed. What you feel is what you feel, it’s your truth.


As I was listening to Christie introduce Trump in front of his plane the other day, I was taken by shock at the manner in which Trump was addressing the crowd - continuous sniffling/snorting while speaking. Either 1) VERY RUDE or 2) COKED UP! I’ve heard others speak after indulging in the “nose candy”, divorced it even…it would certainly explain some of his abhorrent behavior. I’ve dropped my jaw too many times at the crap that spews forth. This “man” (sorry, not to offend) CANNOT be allowed in our HOUSE!


Nobody was saying that all lives don’t matter, but it seems that black lives matter considerably less. So please drop the racist-denialist “all lives matter” meme.


It was actually Madeleine Albright who said “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”
Gloria Steinem said about young women voters “They’re going to get more activist as they get older. And when you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys?’ The boys are with Bernie.”


Wow republicans are worried about racism and hate being used in an election! And don’t think the Clinton’s don’t work this angle in a different way. The question should be why does this stuff get reported and other things don’t???Why do we see whole speeches of Trump on TV and not even a glimpse of a Sanders speech???

The corporate elite are not sure about the Donald—They know Clinton. The elite must be very nervous-maybe its Sanders pulling down the curtain----but watching CNN is like watching a Clinton prep rally and MSNBC is just pathetic.

Something not one person has talked about in this corporate police state.—Donald Trump a New York,New Yorker just won most of the south.

And no Andrea Mitchel Hillary did not sweep the south(her strongest area) she lost Oklahoma!


I watched your linked video…I think the Clinton camp and the audience were all fairly reasonable. The guy and the woman who followed each got more than their fair share of soapbox time… BC tried to respond, despite not being able to get a word in edgewise…which says something for the Marine’s verbal tenacity if nothing else…and both were escorted out as peaceably as possible once their interruption became inappropriately lengthy. Hey, I am not of the Clinton camp, but you could sure tell it wasn’t quite the gladiator marathon-length ‘2-minute Hates’ that Drumpf rallies have become.

Unlike the repeated videos of Drumpf ordering his minions…correction…the nation’s minions (Secret Service, once assigned are at the beck and call of the protectee? I did not know that!)…to bully folks who reportedly were just THERE (being black, doncha know) and not raising hell or signage, and encouraging crowd members to push, shove, taunt, spit, hit and curse at them, gauntlet style. (Choking is apparently reserved for press who step outa the cage…)

Someone is going to die at one of these events. Only it will be after we have been desensitized enough to it, it will just seem like business as usual, like cops killing unarmed black children.( After all, they shouldn’t’a been there, didn’t they know what would happen, if they’d just been polite and done as they were told, people have a right to their rallies without having to contend with outside agitators, right??)


All lives matter, dear—even yours. :slight_smile:


“I must report this.” - Sgt Schulz


OR “Heil Rump”!!


I believe its a sad thing now. We are nothing but trash mouths, telling each other its not “PC” when the real truth it just plain disrespectful. We all have grievances with these politicians BUT we vote and that’s our say. To interrupt whether they are right or wrong is plain and simple disrespectful. Just vote!


The issue with this is fundamental. It wont matter who is in office, hence the aspect of being fundamental. This country was founded on racism. Its written i the constitution. The other issue pointing to a fundamental issue is how black and white were the races and others are, not considered, or seen in a different light entirely. An example is that blacks were seen as less than a whole person, not natives, not Chinese, not western nor eastern Europeans, but black folk. If we whites dont get how personal this is to blacks, or African Americans in modern termonolgy, then we miss the issue all together. It is personal, this is what makes it a fundamental problem. But, its too late now to go back and change things. Its just too late…or is it?


With all the race baiting on both sides (including Zemit’s here) nothing would surprise me. With the heat & hate like it is, I sadly see an assassination attempt before the election. Talk about “climate change”. What then, haters?