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"You're the One Creating the 'Bad' Schools": Nation's Top Teachers Denounce Devos During Closed-Door Session


"You're the One Creating the 'Bad' Schools": Nation's Top Teachers Denounce Devos During Closed-Door Session

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the midst of teacher uprisings in multiple states that over recent months have drawn hundreds of t


DeVos is a perfect microcosm of our society and modern capitalism. She is simply incompetent, ideologically rigid, ignorant and not very intelligent. However, she comes from a family with money and power, and because of that, this despicable monster is the person in charge of the educational system. The reason is obvious. She doesn’t have to know anything about education, or educational systems, and she shouldn’t be open minded about anything, given that she isn’t there to do a good job. Her only goal is to loot the country and to privatize everything in sight. Doesn’t take any intelligence to do that. If she were born into a middle class family, she might, with lots of hard work, become a manager at a moderately successful buffet in rural Michigan. Rural Michigan only though, cause once you get to Detroit, you have lots of people more intelligent than she is.She’s mediocre at best, and so is this entire economic and political system, as well as those in charge of those systems.


Not too long ago, some obvious troll made a comment to the effect that unions protect mediocrity and allow it to flourish. I replied that inherited wealth doees the same to a much greater degree, and offered his POTUS as Exhibit A.

Still waiting for a snappy retort.


Studies have shown, for decades now, that most wealth in this country is now inherited and those in power have continuously lower the estate tax. If you read Marx, he just assumed that industrial capitalism would remove the rentier privileges he saw in the old feudal system, especially in regards to finance and banking, and lots of the other classical economists wanted that too. David Ricardo supported free trade in large part as a means of lowering ground rent and the cost of food, which wage rates heavily depended on. The Physiocrats wanted a tax on the rent of land, as did Henry George and countless others. Modern neoclassical economists really hate oligopolies and monopolies because they claim that that they are inefficient, and people like Dean Baker and Michael Hudson have shown how economic rent now dominates this economic system. If you pay attention to negotiations at the WTO and “free trade” agreements over intellectual property, this becomes obvious. Lots of studies also show that the rich get what they want on policy, while working people don’t, and the system is obviously thoroughly corrupt. We are an oligarchy, and what happens under oligarchies is that you are managed and dominated by mediocre people, with mediocre minds, and those average at best people have that power because of where they come from. There’s lots of really intelligent people in our society that don’t make it to TV or get to run the Department of Education. It isn’t intelligence that gets people into power and on TV these days, it’s having power and wealth and not caring about the impact your decisions have on society, or it is using whatever intelligence you have to further enrich the oligarchs. Rachel Maddow, Joy Ann Reid, Fox News and most of the rest of the media are just that. If you are comfortable destroying working people, our democracy, the environment, public education and Social Security and if you have the power to buy a position in government, or if you can buy or be paid to run one of these two rotten parties, or a place in the corporate media, you can accumulate even more wealth and power. And then the silly people on CNN and MSNBC will pretend that you have some societal worth, when most everyone else knows they don’t. That’s why I loved the correspondents’ dinner routine that angered so many of these people. They don’t deserve respect, and neither does DeVos.


If only!  DeVos PRIMARY goal is to destroy public education and turn our children over to Funny-Dementalist “christian” charter schools using our tax dollars for pro-Theocracy brainwashing from K thru 12, utterly under­mining the sacred separation of church and state. The looting of our school budgets to enrich themselves and their fellow kakistocrats is only an incidental goal of DeVos and her “christian” Dominionist cult.  Cruz, Pence, Rubio and a host of others in the current Administration are her allies and henchpersons.  She was not given this job by accident, or only because of her position of wealth – she is an ardent right-wing extremist, carefully chosen to further the goal of turning what’s left of our Republic into a narrow-minded Theocracy, much like that which rules Iran.


I fully understand the religious aspect, but Trump and many in his administration could give two shits about religion. Pence and some others, sure. DeVos was put in place by Trump and those in power for roughly the same reasons that Carson, Mulvaney, Pruitt and the like were put in place. Pruitt and Mulveney are religious nuts too, but they weren’t put in charge in order to bring on the rapture, they were put in charge to increase the profits for companies like Exxon-Mobile and Wall Street, and to allow those companies to externalize their costs to the greatest extent possible onto us all, the environment and future generations. Religion I guess has something to do with it, but I think it is far more important to her than it is central as to why she in charge of education. No chance at all that whoever Trump put in charge would be opposed to privatization and looting the public.


Kudos to those teachers of the year who spoke their minds to someone who could care less about their issues.
(which come to think about it, mimics what it is like for many a classroom teacher on a daily basis as they confront their “students”.

Kudos to Secretary DeVos for her academy award winning act of even having the “listening session”.
(At least she wasn’t flying first class like Secretary Pruitt or in a private jet like former Secretary Price, or ordering a $30,000 dining table set 'cause mamma done told him to do so–all at tax payers expense).

Nosiree! Ms. DeVos is working for private and parochial school parents and administrators at federal expense–now don’t you feel better?


Ditzy Devos helped to destroy the public school system in the state of Michigan! Now she’s just spreading out! BTW, don’t fool yourself she was put there to accomplish just that, the destruction of the public schools, so that the people who already have most of the money can make more money by making education a commodity!


I think the fact that Betsy DeVos’s brother is Erik Prince had something to do with her nomination to SoE, too.


Unions do not protect mediocrity. Bad management protects mediocrity. If a manager documents and records bad performance, they can fire a union worker. Most managers are too lazy or incompetent to do their job properly and document bad performance. When they want to fire a problem employee and are unable, they blame the union rather than their own incompetent performance.

My wife was working a union shop as a manager and fired 8 substandard employees in her first year. Management could not believe she was able to do this, the union thought she was anti-union. Down the road, she ended up testifying in court for the union about bad management practices and was the reason the union won a substantial victory against the company.

A union contract is a contract between workers and management that defines work rules. Just as workers can file grievances against management, management can file grievances against the union for non-performance. In Europe, especially Germany, this is all quite clear. Remember VW agreeing to unionize its Tennessee manufacturing plant, and the state of Tennessee rejecting the notion.


Destruction of Public Education is a very important new clamp to bring down
on the American public – which also has the side benefit for Elites of splitting
the “well to do” from poorer residents.

Many of our wealthier residents would prefer to have their children in public
schools, but because of the destruction and deterioration of public schools are
forced to move on.

But this is another big fascist clamp coming down on the public.


I was a manufacturing engineer for a non-union shop in the Eighties. I loved it. We were encouraged to promote safety, take worker suggestions in an award program, work on ideas for better products, as well as greater produce tivity. I was proud that the corporate and management were mostly hired from the hourly workers through promotions. Social events and sports in weekends. Minorities welcome.

Why? Well…the union was on our tail. If it weren’t that way, the union would be moving in.


Perhaps you misunderstood. I was quoting a post from one who actually believes that—or who at least wanted to appear to believe it. As a long-ago member of one of the maritime unions, and as a life-long student of labor history, I do not.


Betsy and her warmongering “Christian warrior” brother, Erik, are members of the “Lucky Sperm Club”. There’s another way to describe them - “Born on third base and think they hit a homer.” They are both loathsome.


Uh damn lol. You mean to tell me there’s not even ONE person of color who was “Teacher of the Year”? I scanned the photo for a non-white face and failed to find any. Who the decides who wins these teacher awards anyway? Maybe they are only considering candidates from certain schools? I’ll have to look more into this.


Talking to Devos must be like talking to a wax doll. She’s intellectually dead and seems to be stuck with a few lines she repeats ad nauseum regardless of the context.


Do you honestly think Trump spends ANY energy searching for appointees to various positions?  He vets them only insofar as making sure they are sufficiently loyal to him to not undermine his own agenda, but otherwise he follows the advice of his far-right inner circle.  In most cases you’re correct – the primary goal of the Korpocracy is to protect and increase its ability to enrich itself, with as few restrictions as possible.  Education is not a korp­orate profit center the way banking, fossil fuels, insurance, pharmaceuticals and trade are korporate profit cen­ters, the deregulation of which is a primary goal.  But education IS of HUGE concern in the long-range goal of brainwashing the average citizen into accepting the “right” of the “producing class” to control the economy and reap its rewards, so the greedy ones are only too happy to assist the Dominionist “christians” in achieving their Theocratic goals, trusting that the Funny-Dementalists are far more concerned with ending abortion and promo­ting their wacko religion than with ending white-collar crime and protecting the environment.  Real democracy requires an educated and involved citizenry to succeed, whereas both the Multi-NaZional Korporations and the Funny-Dementalist right-wingers depend on an ignorant population in order to get away with their crap. DeVos’ appointment to destroy public education is clearly no accident.


Very often an exceptional child is born into a poor family. The path they must follow to achieve success in society is much more difficult than that of a mediocre child born into a rich family. To change the American public school system in such a way as to make it even more difficult for the bright but poor child seems an odd way of, “making America great again.” For all kids of a country to have an equal opportunity to reach their potential, this is what will make a country great.


You stated it diplomatically.
I would use the terms, fucking belly crawling, slimebags to describe Betsy and her mercenary asshole brother, Eric Prince.
They are both embarrassments to The State of Michigan.


Well said.