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Youth Activists Holding Coordinated Press Conferences to Raise Awareness on Landmark Court Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/01/youth-activists-holding-coordinated-press-conferences-raise-awareness-landmark-court

We all must join this movement in any way we can.


Good for them and all the people mobilizing. Whatever happens at the 9th circuit, hope they put ending the right wing control of the Supreme Court–or else eliminating the dictatorial control of those ideologues–at the center of their demands. In any event, though, you can’t end capitalism with a class action suit.

ABSOLUTELY! I have been supporting financially Jay Inslee, who is the Governor of Washington State, THE EVERGREEN STATE and wants to make America: THE EVERGREEN COUNTRY.


The Bigot in the White House is 72 years old, do you think he gives a damn about the Mess he leaves behind.

Live for today and let the next generation suffer the Painful consequences of our Selfishness.


Saw Inslee on Bill Maher and he had interesting stuff I wanted to hear, but Bill would not shut up and let the man speak. I was gonna throw a shoe at my TV but didn’t. Wish more voters knew more about Inslee …

Jay Inslee is the real, Green New Deal. Check him out for yourself.

Jay Inslee is a good man in the wrong political party.

I wish he could see that.

Great post ,be the change you want to see in the world .
Holding corporations to account as well ,as just over 90 create 75 % of all co2 emissions .

In an evolved society any of what we call a corporation that damages our mother Earth pollutes our air and poisons our water
would not be able to exist .There is no profit you see in the lives of humans being irrevocably damaged as Life would be seen as Prime Value not the profit survival motive.
If this was our guiding principle half the industries on the planet would be shut down overnight .

Yes as Green Party supporter ever since Nader ran for POTUS, I agree. Jay, in my opinion means right, but there is no way the corrupt democratic elite ( the super delegates) would ever allow him to be nominated for POTUS.

Yes that could happen. If we do not make the adaption ,life will do that for us and we may not like the outcome . It could be like hell on Earth .

Greed is really a disease of fear ,fear that there is not enough to go around .