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Youth Activists Ring In 2021 With Renewed Demand That World 'Wake Up to the Climate Crisis'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/01/youth-activists-ring-2021-renewed-demand-world-wake-climate-crisis


There are many saying with what seems, to this layman, more than ample evidence that it is already too late and that this is a mass extinction event we are witnessing. So, yes, world leaders should “wake up” and take radical immediate action but short of that, does anyone argue that is happening anywhere?, it looks more and more like we have a one way ticket to oblivion. That being the case what is appropriate action?


“Exceptional as the calamities of 2020 may seem, they could be just a taste of what’s to come unless we change direction.”

I agree because in my view, if we do not drastically change direction NOW! The coming climate pandemic will make covid-19 look miniscule in comparison.


The kids must advocate for a completely open monetary system.So all transactions are open to the light of public scrutiny.

Follow the Money …nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny. Thats why the rich do not want you to know how much they have and how they got it and where it is hidden.

Transparency is just another word for truth.

We must all be stewards of the Truth .
This is what happens in enlightening societies.

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A monthly account of disasters worldwide for 2020:


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Expand the strikes. More and more people, in more and more sectors, withdrawing their economic activity. Stop feeding the machine. Organize for larger and larger strikes. Fridays with school strikes has to be just a start.

Then move the strikes to blockades, demanding action. Interrupt the machine.

Work together to make sure all of us are fed and housed as we move toward more and more direct action.

Get involved, wherever you are, with people working toward strikes and direct action.


As a renewable energy inventor and a climate change inventor I need to say a couple of things to climate activists everywhere:

  1. The technical part of inhibiting and reversing climate change is going to be somewhat easier than you think.
  • Displacing natural gas for heating buildings SHOULD be fast and economical.
  • 100% renewable on-demand electricity SHOULD be soon enough. Rolling good prototypes out within 3 years is quite possible.
  • Displacing urban roads could take as much as 5 years for a good prototype.
  1. Don’t neglect the Arctic meltdown. Don’t neglect the desertification of half of the planet. We need the planet’s plants to sequester carbon by the gigaton.

  2. We must protect millions of species from extinction if we can.

  3. The existing fossil fuel industry hates inventors because they always disrupt existing profits. The fossil fuel industry spends about $900 million each year on lobbying, so the entire government kind of hates inventors too, and at every possible little turn. So, if you want inventors, actively cultivate them because, trust me, your elected public servants will lie all day about how they like climate inventors.


Naomi Klein talks about the movements against climate change mitigation.

Methinks small individual and group efforts are worthwhile and unstoppable. Change people’s habits, sure, but also change YOUR OWN habits. The strikes, I’m not so sure.


We maybe can learn a lot from a post like this. In addition, I would like to say I love the photo of the activist with her cat paying equal attention to the photographer.

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It, the climate, global warming, was becoming a crisis back when I was 16 in 1970. The year of the First Earth Day. Nothing of any consequence has happened since then. 50 years later we are still waiting for leaders to do actions that actually matter. They never will. Industrial civilization will collapse first in which case it will be too late to avoid near-term human extinction. Sorry kids, we tried back then to no avail. BYW, the population of the world has more than doubled since then. Humans have no grip on exponential systems, especially when it comes to an item that is in our genome to reproduce incessantly. Like population explosions. I have no children.


2020 will be seen as a great year in as little as 5 years from now.


Make your peace with you loved ones. It’s hospice time now. All the nuclear power stations need to be decommissioned as rapidly as possible. (over 450 around Earth)


Absolutely right. Just like this pandemic - the governments are floundering. They don’t know where to start. In a very short time the population has nearly tripled.

Yes, I agree.

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The youth of this planet ought to completely stop listening and complying with adults. Our inability to change is leaving them with a hellscape future, so it’s only fair if they make life hell for us now to help mitigate some of it.


Possibly even this year.

Yes, but so sad that the coming climate apacolypse is still being ignored by so many people and they will not wake up until it is too late and is a world wide climate catastrophe!

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This new series should shed more light on that very question. I don’t have tv and don’t know if you get bbc in the states but anything by Sir David Attenborough should be worth watching:


It’s a good time for a plan B to be in the quiver.
Protect thyself and family from covid-19 and whatever malady comes next. The Fauci suggestions need adherence.
On the climate (pandemic), maybe finding a cooler, more breathable environment should be pursued. Converting basements into living spaces, and if affordable, a different place all together. With changes like that us retirees and perhaps much of the generation following us can live relatively comfortable.
I can’t get my evermore declining body and mind to be of much help to others anymore. But we can try to take care of what we can.

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Don’t believe everything you see or hear on the internet, ESPECIALLY anything related to the climate crisis. Literally millions of people in this country have given up hope because they gravitate to web sites telling them what they fear is true. Unfortunately they appear to be in the majority here on CD.*

Yes, the situation is dire, and yes, it would have been relatively simple had those people and ALL people had heeded the warnings of James Hansen in the late 1980s, which by 1990 had been picked up by Bill McKibben and others. It would have been even simpler if the scientific community had paid more attention to the peer-reviewed articles by oil company scientists (Shell, Exxon or its predecessors, and maybe others) in prominent journals as early as 1972.

But the fact that we are now up against the wall, and the fact that we MAY already have passed the last tipping point, are no excuse for giving up, as a plethora of scientists and engineers have more than the outlines of what is required. DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT: FOR MORE INFORMATION IN PLAIN ENGLISH SPEND SOME TIME READING AT ~greenpeace.org/usa AND ~350.org. The one and only serious obstacle to a livable future is the US government, which has consistently sided with the fossil fuel corporations, promoted their propaganda, blocked meaningful action by the community of nations, and stood virtually alone among the nations of the world by refusing to this day to sign the protocols that would have committed the US to meaningful action.

Because of “our” intransigence, the other nations with high emissions have no incentive to proceed without our participation, as current US emissions, second only to those of China with four times our population, overwhelm what the rest of the world could do without us.

This is the context within which the activist organizations discussed in this article, and MANY more worldwide that are not mentioned, are acting. Activists in this country understand that Joe Biden has a terrible record on support for action to halt global burning and boiling (sic). They know that he has to be persuaded that (1) it MUST be done and now, (2) it CAN be done, and (3) he and he alone holds the fate of his grandchildren and all other life on Earth in his hands.

*I have recently dropped off these pages specifically because of the hopeless and helpless attitude toward this issue that seems to prevail here. I read this article for updated information on what climate activist groups are doing. I found some I wasn’t aware of, but the article barely scratches the surface of the movement as a whole. Since I expect little if any support and some pretty nasty replies, it is unlikely that I will post any other comment in this thread or to look at it again.

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