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'Youth and Workers Uniting Behind This Crisis': German Labor Union Urges 2 Million Members to Join Global Climate Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/youth-and-workers-uniting-behind-crisis-german-labor-union-urges-2-million-members

**Good news!


OK excellent. What are the specific demands? Not mentioned in the article.

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you sound pretty important . .we will try to get right on it . .thanks for your interest.

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Why the snark?

Weekend marches and demonstrations are apparently not enough. The elites have been ignoring rallies and demonstrations for a long time now. It’s time to switch tactics and radicalized our actions, work stoppage is one such action, blocking entrance to banks, gas stations highways will get results. School closures student uprisings on the streets making business as usual hard to conduct is the way to get attention

It’s obvious what the movement wants, leave it all in the ground, switch to renewables yesterday hurry up time is very short. Okay?

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That is a sophomoric response. What concrete, legislative and political demands are they making, where are they making them, and how are they going to advance them? If all they’re going to do is stage weekly photo ops and make vague broad demands, all they’re accomplishing is to release a tremendous amount of greenhouse gas.

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Si, okay cry boohoo hoo, what the fuck is your idea for a solution. We don’t need fence setting cimments like yours.

Never mind I’ll go elsewhere for a coherent and concrete answer. It wasn’t in this article.

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Bocking entrances to banks, gas stations, and highways will only piss off the public that is still in denial and make the matter worse. As long as the elites can keep us fighting amongst ourselves nothing will change. Look how wars only make the innocent suffer instead of the dictators and governments.

I know it can be frustrating but please look deeper that what you see as a photo op, and this implicates somewhat poor media coverage. Some of the demands are to stop subsidizing fossil fuels, and support the advancement of electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, and energy conservation. BTW Greta is coming to the Americas by wind power not by burning greenhouse gasses. There is a very bright side and that is that someone is actually doing something about the situation.