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Youth Attendance Drives Energy, Size of Sanders' Record-Breaking Rallies


Youth Attendance Drives Energy, Size of Sanders' Record-Breaking Rallies

Jon Queally, staff writer

Continuing to draw large and enthusiastic crowds wherever he goes, Sen. Bernie Sanders attracted approximately 9,000 people to a downtown sports arena in Portland, Maine on Monday evening as throngs of people—with a noticeable presence of students and young adults—waited for more than an hour in a line that stretched around the building in order to hear the presidential candidate's populist message.


Hillary who?


Hillary Megathatcher, of course.

During a speech at a GMO cartel convention in San Diego in June 2014 Hillary delineated her strategy for attracting young voters by admonishing the GMO executives to put a new spin on GMOs to make them more attractive to the young voters she needs to vote for her in 2016.


Use the REFERENDUM Bernie!


Help us, Bernie Wan Kenobi! You're our only hope!


Look I am 59 years of age I am certainly not naive to the realites of our world and how it works. But, perhaps Bernie can bring to the forefront issues that would otherwise be relegated to the sidelines, if mentioned at all.
Wither you want to believe it or not the politicians are fearful of the people, that is why there is so much effort put into deflecting their attention a from important issues.They do not want the people to even begin to think about the things that matter. That is why I think Bernie entrance into the race is important. Can he can win? Well, that depends on us.
Does it matter? One way to find out!


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If Sen. Sanders didn't mention Mr. Gagnon's concerns how can he bullshitting? That he didn't say anything is saying he said something? While that is quite possible, already calling him out, seems a stretch .From what I understand, the senator has paid economic advisers, and paid political staff who are, of course, polling likely primary voters. And primary voter issues, too. At this juncture the specifics of " where the money comes from " is less important than " what are the important issues ". to make the Sander's campaign, connect. And, not to worry, the Senator will be hit with the big guns from the left and right in coordination. Soon enough, too.


We're supporting Bernie's campaign with an innovative strategy. We are Revolt Against Plutocracy and our strategy is available at citizensagainstplutocracy dot org. We aim to apply leverage to help Sanders overcome the 3 to 1 advantage #CorruptClinton has in money.


I keep waiting for the Democratic Party machine to drop the hammer on Bernie. I can't believe they are going to actually conduct a fair campaign on issues and not try and slime Bernie fatally before the first debate. Maybe it's just my cynicism from having my idealism stomped on for the past 40 years, but this is starting to feel like a trap we're all walking into, letting ourselves think that maybe, just maybe, this time it's possible that something good could actually come out of our f$%&ed up political process.


The posters and cheers say "Bernie," but remember it is about the movement, not the man. Let's not fall into the Obama 'cult of personality' fail of the last elections and then administrations.


More cowbell!!! More sheepdog!!! Oh, wait, just two more sheepdogs and one cowbell. Pitch perfect, indeed. Now just hold that tone for a while.


As Richard Wolff said today on Democracy Now, what is happening here with Bernie is part of a world wide pattern of revolt against the old way of doing things, see Greece, Spain, and other parts of Europe. The liberal clerisy would have you believe that Bernie is somehow doing damage to the left. This odd position is that of such leading lights as Chris Hedges, et. al. Well, with all due respect, I think that is puffery. If Mr Wolff is correct, what's happening isn't dependent on any single individual, others will emerge. Bernie is a beginning, Go Bernie.

It is fun to see, on this thread, the vitriolic criticism of Bernie echoing that of the low hanging fruit of the MSM, and politicians. Bernie is being compared to Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and any other outlier they can resurrect. Joan Walsh at Salon even has Bernie playing, for the Democrats,the role Donald Trump is playing for the Republicans, whatever that is, and on and on. It will, no doubt, get curiouser and curioser before it is over. It's head scratching time among the poopahs in Washington and the liberal clerisy. Eugene Robinson, on MSNBC last night looked like a deer in headlights. I've been around more years than I care to admit and I haven't seen anything like this. The man hardly has an organization and people are coming out in the thousands. Something special is happening.


Not a word about racism. How about showing up in Harlem, NY or South Carolina?


No, Bernie is one man. Don't make the mistake of putting everything on him. Sanders' campaign is one cog of the bigger movement. If he wins, great! But even if he loses, the movement continues and his campaign will not have been in vane but will have propelled the movement.


Lots of OLD timers out here in Oregon, are for Bernie also not just the young!Go Bernie! Go Bernie!


I love old Bernie.

I hope he makes it all the way.

I'm just sitting here thinking about sending him 100 bucks like I did Nader.


I don't know about Harlem, I know if he showed up on the South Side of Chicago there isn't a building large enough to hold the crowds if the word gets out, and it will. He is to appear in South Carolina in the near future. How about this young African American, if he works for Bernie they'll be crowds.


He is not working for Bernie? South Side of Chicago would be a really good place to show up.


That's too much sheepdog. More cowbell, please. Remember, tone is very important when addressing herding dogs and calling home the cows.