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Youth Climate Activists Demanding Green New Deal Arrested for Sit-In at #OilMoneyMitch McConnell's Office


Youth Climate Activists Demanding Green New Deal Arrested for Sit-In at #OilMoneyMitch McConnell's Office

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Hundreds of Kentucky high school students and climate campaigners with the youth-led Sunrise Movement descended on the Capitol Hill office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday to deliver 100,000 petition signatures and stage a sit-in to make clear to lawmakers that young people want a Green New Deal for their communities and futures.



The only kind of Green New Deal that Mitch McConnell is interested in, is the kind of deal that puts Green in his bank account.



McConnell is pure slime mold unworthy of elected office. As long as he is there - we will see little progress on things that are vital to our democracy and to the survival of the human race. Should we really have expected him to have treated young people from Kentucky any differently. He is not a great man and really …a poor leader.



If for one moment anyone thinks these kids are being overly dramatic, do read this article. It’s pretty simple. No oxygen. No life.

Habitat collapse is happening now, and must be included in ALL discussions about politics.



Unless these kids brought suitcases full of money, most congress critters don’t want to hear it, and that’s on both sides of the isle. Besides, these kids didn’t vote for him, who do they think they are? (snark)



Good article from Scientific American.

But of course our climate, imbecile will never read it.

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To our youth: Mitch could give a rat’s ass about your votes so why not try to send his greedy ilk a message–no green deal? No functioning government as in Gandhian total, non cooperation.



See today’s Chris Hedges article for some inspiring writing on total noncooperation and making it impossible for them to function unless they deal with us.



Here it is and thanks!

The largest challenge we face is fear. We can start with youth and non working adults to start. Courage then becomes infectious. Another good source is Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s Why We Can’t Wait. Starting in the nations’ capitals is a good idea and activists outside these areas can organize caravans to bring in food and other necessities.



Sorry kids the American adults are roaring drunk on subsidized




Incarceration of the People, by the Money, for the Money…

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It’s THEIR world. They will have to step up and take the reins away from fossil scum like Yertle and DiFi



Indeed. He is a disgusting excuse for a human. Slime mold is too good of a word for him. How about cockroach shit?

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These kids should go have a pow wow with the coal miners in their state. They voted for McConnell.



Diane Feinstein did the same to a group of kids last week but didn’t call the cops and have them arrested like McTurtle. These are the same out of touch older then hell politicians who have let the country fail at education, health care, a real infrastructure plan and have absolutely no long term plan except regime change and blowing up things in other countries. I feel the tide will change when Trump leaves office and we get a new kid on the block.



In just a few years these folks are going to be registered voters - that flashing light in the corner of the Right wing fascist American governments eye is called a Billionaire class’ career dissipation light, its about to go into high gear - goodbye NAZI’s! - I can’t say we’ll miss you when your gone,



Cockroach shit is too good a word for him.

Let’s just use: Scum.



I’m starting to wonder if McConman might not pull a Paul Ryan and announce that he is retiring and not running for reelection. He’s 77 and has accomplished his major goals; tax cuts, deregulation, stacking the courts, big increase in defense spending. His wife must be about ready to walk away for her job before Donnie’s ship sinks in 2020. Arresting high school students doesn’t exactly look good on reelection posters and he just seems to not even be pretending to care how things look.

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The republicans pulled that stunt on Obama. Six years of no,no,no.
Sure it’s desirable to do a pay back. But that just puts all of government into stagnation, just the way republicans want it, unless they can sneak a tax cut in somewhere.
Dems need action to forward all of the changes that need doing.

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Where’s a list - - especially of those in the Senate – who we have to help defeat in 2020?