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Youth Climate Leaders Launch Campaign to Make McConnell Regret 'Shameless' Green New Deal Ploy


Youth Climate Leaders Launch Campaign to Make McConnell Regret 'Shameless' Green New Deal Ploy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As new polling found that over 80 percent of the American public supports the key pillars of the Green New Deal resolution, the youth-led Sunrise Movement on Thursday launched an action plan aimed at making Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) regret his "shameless" plan to rush a floor vote on the bold climate plan.


I say this. If I live to see Mitch McConnell out of office and a decent, well balanced human being replacing him, it will be one of the best days ever. Jerks like that snake in the grass are destroying any threads of democracy in the USA, destroying decency, destroying lives by his very own votes and decisions. I wish there were a way to hold thatShite accountable today.


I think you’re right, support for this GND framework isn’t there. Still, the ideas put forth in the resolution – with many variations – will come to pass.

Of course by the time they do, air travel, meat (outside of squirrel, rat, and soylent green), and gasoline-powered bass boats will be fond memories. With carbon emissions on track to keep rising, bitter, brutal days of reckoning aren’t that far away. With the Antarctic melting much faster than predicted, sea level rise will safely hit 5 feet within 50 years. Massive droughts will be the norm, so will water wars. Refugees by the hundreds of millions will wander stateless and die in staggering numbers.

Yeah, I understand how difficult it is to rev up the sense of urgency needed in smug people like you. But I don’t have to. Nature will do it for me, year by year, crisis by crisis. We’re getting the first tastes of the upcoming dystopia, and it’s just going to keep getting worse. Water rationing will start in the desert southwest within a few years, crippling the ag industry there, take it to the bank.

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Obviously. I’ll try to help, but I’m not confident of success.

The truth is that the Kochroaches are now petrified that their insatiable greed and lust for power may be thwarted at last; that the youth here and around the world are gaining a sense of their own power through organizing; and that the political system the predatory rich have bought for themselves is being seen and rejected for the long con that it is.

Stupid, childish and naive? That would be those who believe the R/D duopoly—made of smart, grownup and worldly people—has anybody’s wellbeing at heart aside from their own.

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Yeah, it’s painfully obvious you don’t understand. The point of this article is highlighting the eagerness of youth activists to bring this resolution (not a bill) to a vote.