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Youth Climate Movement to World Leaders: We Will 'Change Fate of Humanity, Whether You Like It or Not'


Youth Climate Movement to World Leaders: We Will 'Change Fate of Humanity, Whether You Like It or Not'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Youth climate leaders from across the globe penned an open letter on Friday condemning the inaction of world leaders in the face of planetary catastrophe and vowing to "make change happen by ourselves."



As a pessimist by nature, I still find reason to hope in the faces, and in the defiant words, of these young people.



The in-your-face problem is chronic crop failure, which leads to less food going in through your face, which makes you intensely thin. Also quite grumpy. Children are looking at this morbid problem maybe 50 years down the road.

Boomers, they have feelings about starving their own grandkids.

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I think these kids actually will have a small effect on the changing fate of humanity.

But compared to how climate chaos and overall habitat overreach changes that fate, it’ll be negligible.

If you have young grandkids, I pity you.



Also include in-your-face fisheries failures, potable water failures, desertification, climate migration, and catastrophic loss of pollinators (which will be a cause of epic crop failure).

Wow! You are an optimist!



Transcend the current world view of the culture .
Create a New Story to guide humanity .We are going through a kind of colllective birthing event.Its a perilous time as all births are .

Can we birth a New humanity a homo universalis…that lives as one with nature and each other .
I think that’s the key .

One for All and All for One …We are all our brothers and sisters keepers .



Their determination is catchy if nothing else.



Its very difficult to converse with boomers .They are only interested in their cars going on holidays/cruises ,investments ,at least the ones I know .



Boomers are not your problem. The Boomer generation gave society many of today’s most powerful environmental protection organizations. We understand ecology. It’s about the money and Wall Street is begrudgingly switching from fossil fuels. It doesn’t happen overnight because it is all about the money. Americans aren’t orbs of light. We like comfort and betrayal. Global warming is coming like a locomotive bright or not, motivated or pessimistic. Wear some shorts. It’s gonna get hot!!



Every single American who regards the US establishment with the slightest trace of legitimacy is themselves an integral and crucial piece of the problem. The us government has no more legitimacy than Guaido does in Venezuela. It is in no way government of and by and for the people. It does not represent the interests of its population. Its elections are a resounding fraud. It is completely opaque and operates almost entirely in secret from the people whom it is charged with representing. It violates its own constitutions and laws and charters in everything that it does, and is wholly unaccountable to anyone. It has become a threat to civilization worldwide, and is quickly reforming itself as the largest crime organization and terrorist force in world history. It cares not in the least for posterity or the well being of the victims of its rule.

The future of the world, if there is one, lies in the people who know this fact and act accordingly. Apparently most of the so called “adults” don’t fit that category.



While I am not a religious person, I would like to ask all who are, and especially those who say they are Christians in America----If GOD created the Heavens and the Earth— and all life on the planet-----why would love of power or of money be destroying the world that you say your GOD has created?



Pardon me for piggybacking on your comment, but this article seems to underscore your point:



Which is odd, becasue when we were resisting the Iraq War and capitalism more generally, the average of the protestors was about 50. Maybe you are confusing us with “Generation X?”



A bold statement by young adults to the older adults causing the problem. It will take more than a letter to change the way things are. So far nobody has come up with any plan worth mentioning on how to shut down the entire oil and gas industry where the Greed exists and what our economy is based on. Unfortunately, your letter will fall upon deaf ears. If a more direct action plan is not implemented soon, we will suffer more consequences.

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Amen. Good for them, even though the odds are stacked against them. They will, literally, have to be the ones to save the world after we’ve ruined it for them.



I never understood that SD.

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The weather is in upheaval all over the planet. The swallows and swifts have already arrived here in southern europe and since yesterday the temps have soared quite suddenly.



That’s the spirit. Keep it up.



They are complicit in the problem ,but are just part of a cultural story that’s never been fully challenged.
Beliefs create behaviours .
They still don’t teach critical thinking in schools or values or what basic fairness means or ethical economics or Wisdom for that matter. The list could go on and on .
What did one mirror say to the other mirror?

“It’s all done with people.”…It means we are all just copying each other .We have been asleep ,its a critical time for humanity .

Awaken we must and overhaul all of humanity .
Raising the conciousness of a planet is not easy but those that are responsible must try.
Denial is used to continue living the illusion.
Acceptance is for those that are being responsible.
Are the adults being responsible or the children ?



There’s no plan as I see it as there is no will !
But what would create such a will ?
The raising of conciousness and understanding of our oneness with nature and each other and the sacredness of all life . .This is a spiritual awareness ,All solutions are spiritual and critical mass is rising !
What could change everything almost overnight is a New guiding principle based on stewardship not ownership which is a mental construction. If your being poor stewards of the Earth you would not be allowed to continue .
Half the industries would have to close down and give up their property if this was a guiding principle .
A corporation would never be allowed to despoil the land ,sea or air in order to make a profit ,for it would be clearly seen that the quality of lives of the very people who own or work for the corporation are being irrevocably damaged.
What profit is there in that ?

The ownership model of land ,sea even the air has to go .
A caring model would work but that means thinking about the long term not just short term profits .