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Youth Climate Movement to World Leaders: We Will 'Change Fate of Humanity, Whether You Like It or Not'


We didn’t ruin it, we just ignored what was said 30 years ago.


Climate or any other Marches have been proven to be failures, yet the organizers keep doing them. Why?


Um, …
“Always look on the bright side of life” (Whistling)

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Well, we really need to link the political activists up with the activist engineers. Right now we’re not at all on the same page, and that’s an issue.

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I think he throws all those thoughts and prayers into a giant wastebasket, stumbles to the refrigerator and pops another beer, laughs at all the fools below, and makes pacts with the devil. He or she is certainly not working on justice, cares little that we are destroying the planet, and seems helpless when it comes to helping the helpless. Now I hope I don’t go out and get struck by a bolt of lightning for posting this.


That’s the question of the ages ,why do humans who believe in a creator seek to destroy her creation ?

Perhaps if God would say one thing to humanity it be “You have got me all wrong .”

I think this is the main problem with humanity it’s idea about itself.
This would require some humility not really present in Organised Religion .
Is there something we do not understand about god and life …the understanding of which could change everything .

Perhaps god ,which I believe is Life only cares as much as we care …we have free will to choose .


“We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not.”

Fucking “A”

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Engineering is a skill set and activism is a political philosophy. Sometimes people are both.


Many of us are boring and self serving beyond belief…but not all. It’s hard enough getting old, but getting old and having to realize that most of your contemporaries were and are contemptible…is quite a downer. Still.some of us are trying and will support these young people…just wish the sixties hadn’t petered out so pathetically. It all looked more hopeful then.

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We nearly got there at least you gave it ago …
But now with the internet and communication technologies information can pass around the planet almost instantaniously.
So many folks are awakening to the possibilities of another world .Critical Mass is rising .You know things are getting close when everything looks bad and hopeless.

We are on the threshold ,a birthing of a New Humanity …homo universalis.

We can end the self induced nightmare lost in the illusions are we .So lost and in a state of denial .


They have no options and this election cycle will be their last hope. Please let’s get the science right. The oceans are suffocating because PCB laced microplastic has reduced Plankton by half in my lifetime. One billion people will soon be hungry and will be joining millions more displaced hungry people fleeing war, drought, fire, storm, famine. Bees are failing, we have cut half our forests to feed people with beef. Man’s greatest motivator, hunger. It will be at our doors long before the tides.


I would assume you agree that certain engineering challenges will or will not be undertaken based on possible political decisions we could make as this conversation is elevated politically (which is all the protests could do - I don’t think anyone is suggesting protesters are going to come up with solutions).

For example if we started taxing carbon at $50 per ton and ramped that up to $200 on a known timetable wouldn’t companies who pay the engineers all of a sudden change their ideas about potential projects?

I do agree with you that it would be better if more activists had an accurate understanding of the science and the accounting of the problem - but I’m less worried about activists that may not know how hard it is to do something than I am about complacent people who either refuse to recognize the problem or who throw their hands up think there is nothing we can do about it (bother of these groups need a better science education too).

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Boomers, here in Australia, are bouncing kangaroos. Baby Boomers, who were born in a certain period of time, take a lot of flack, uncalled for in my opinion. Among this age group are extremely wealthy and moderately wealthy people, and not so wealthy people who are getting by day by day. Some of us, me included, are very computer savvy and have been fighting for the environment and for better conditions for humanity for a long time now. The biggest impediment to change, is fear - loss of income, fear of government control and fear of any change that will affect our sense of security. Instead of creating division complaining about Baby Boomers, lets grasp hands and do what we can to support, encourage and guide these young people who are taking up the baton way before their time (after leaving school and getting a job etc.) What do you reckon Hemp? Do-able or will you hide in your prejudices. Cheers.


The question still remains. With a price tag of over $90 trillion, how are we going to pay for the GND? And certain ways of paying for it destroy the economy so much that a very strong argument can be made that the costs far outweigh the benefits.


Because anything else risks ones own comfort and possibly even ones life, which is more than most are willing to do.
Besides, it is a great way for the corporate establishment to single out potential opposition leaders and deal with them before they can become a real threat.
As a bonus it lets them arrest and criminalize activists who might never have committed a “crime” otherwise.


Who came up with that figure—some Kochroach-infested “think” tank? Nobody ever asks how we can pay for more war, more offshore military bases, more subsidies for the likes of Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin or Boeing, yet we keep on spending as if there were no tomorrow.

The costs of a Green New Deal can be debated, but the benefits of a habitable planet are incalculable.


The $90 trillion figure can actually be found on Wikipedia.


HI Barton---- nah— no lighting strike : ) Besides, Thomas Jefferson, a Diest, did believe that a force of some type of godly powers did create this, but then the force moved on. A god type as a creator and not as a dictator. : )

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