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Youth-led Environmental Movement Seeks Climate Justice in Canada


Youth-led Environmental Movement Seeks Climate Justice in Canada

Alyse Kotyk

This weekend in Edmonton, A.B., over 500 people from diverse backgrounds will come together to build a movement for climate and environmental justice. The youth-led gathering is called PowerShift Alberta and highlights the importance of engaging young people in discussions and plans for combatting climate change.


Now that Obama and Trudeau met to strategize on pushing TPP, TTIP, TISA and CETA into law, lets hope that killing those "trade deals" will be at the top of the agenda at this conference and become the highest priority on their action item list.

These deals will hamstring progress on the rest of PowerShift Alberta's agenda.


That this starts in the Province long considered the "least climate friendly" is hopeful. This the same Province that recently elected the NDP to power after decades of Conservatives.

There are a whole lot of media savvy and informed people of the younger generation who grew up with the Internet and are able to communicate with peoples the World over. In Alberta I think meany of them sense their Province seen as some sort of Pariah and many of them have opened their eyes to the environmental destruction around them.With the collapse of oil prices fewer get jobs in the oil industry.

All of these factors happening at once are leading to the conditions that can get these sort of movements off the ground. I wish them the best and do hope from a Political point of view they look to the Green party to represent their own views in Government.