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Youth Movements Changing Tactics in the Face of Climate Crisis


Youth Movements Changing Tactics in the Face of Climate Crisis

Anny Martinez

Back in 2015, a group of youth warriors bravely filed a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to protect their right to life and liberty by willfully ignoring the dangers of climate change. Last month, the 21 plaintiffs of Juliana v. United States gathered under the same roof for the first time in quite a while at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.


My advice to these young people: Strategize about presenting a challenge to the d-party.

Here’s why: Outside of a few liberals, the d-party exists to strangle bold initiatives in their infancies.

Start talking up a third party now. Because the d-party is laughing at you.


I wish they could all vote now—I am seeing the DEMS decide that well, maybe a smaller wall-----I read another piece that said an Israeli firm will build it—well I bet if they do -------it will look huge and ugly and ugly like the one in Israel now.
I suppose a lot of the long term DEMS don’t care about the newest generation at all.
They would rather yell at Rep. Omar. : (


The time for prevention of full blown, run away climate change was during the administration of the most inept, incompetent, irresponsible, ignorant and basically stupid president of modern times. No, not Trump, GW Bush! He will reign supreme as the founder of World destruction!