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Youth's Imminent Execution Shines Light on 'Cozy' Ties Between Saudis and the West


Youth's Imminent Execution Shines Light on 'Cozy' Ties Between Saudis and the West

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The imminent public execution of 21-year-old Saudi activist Ali Mohammed al-Nimr has sparked worldwide condemnation while, at the same time, shining a light on what rights groups say is the brutal impunity under which the Saudi Arabian government operates, thanks to its "special relationship" with Western leaders.


I read an article about a year or so ago in an Israeli newspaper that Saudi Arabia had greenlighted the use by Israel of one of the Saudi forward airbases for resupply and refueling of Israeli aircraft for an attack on Iran.
* Israelis torture and kill Gazans with impunity, and jail their own people for protesting Israeli actions.
* Saudis torture and kill any dissenters to their customs and government.
* I guess, "Birds of a feather, flock together."
* And the US Fourth Reich blesses them both, while people die.
* Sigh...


Why is there no coverage here whatsoever of the execution of an almost certainly innocent man - Richard Glossip - for whom many struggled to halt his execution and exonerate him - Pope Francis, Sr. Prejean and 250,000 others who had signed petitions - in Oklahoma just 1 1/2 hours ago???

This is a travesty - but apparently USAn's - particularly Oklahomans and other similarly places in the savage US hinterlands, really don't give a flying fuck about innocence - they like the drama and self-righteous satisfaction of seeing someone - anyone die. It's great entertainment. God Fuck the USA.


NEVERMIND!!!! Richard Glossip is still alive! There was a last-seconds stay. I was only able to find this out on Democracy Now's website - and now a CNN report issued 2 hr ago (i.e. 2 hr after the execution time had passed). The corporate media is amazing in the way it is totally useless in keeping the citizens in a so-called (vomit) "democracy" informed. Oh wait, the Guardian of London, 5000 miles from Oklahoma, got the story out an hour after it happened.

The purpose of the stay was to review the execution drugs used - not his innocence. It is rescheduled for Nov 6.


But keep the tweeting up in Ali's behalf! Those 140 character brain-burps will save him for sure!


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Please sign my petition!!

https : // petitions. whitehouse. gov/ petition/stop-supporting-oppressive-and-abusive-saudi-government


OMG! That "We the People" petition web site is still up - even in these twilight months of the Obama regime?

Recall the abuse and scorn Obama heaped on us after hundreds of thousands of us called for the end to the attacks on the exiled Edward Snowden on this same website...

But heck, it only takes a couple minutes... Totally useless though.

Edit: And the link is bad - even with the extraneous spaces removed.


And where is Prez Obama when his allies are committing atrocities and executing activists? Nowhere, except deceiving the world (at least the most gullible fools) in his pro-military speech at the UN and other cheerleading for corporate dominance via the TPP/TTIP/TISA "free-trade" deals (read corporate fascism & domination) and other corporate-friendly give-aways. Meanwhile Obama & Co's great allies Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, attack and kill civilians all over the ME. Just as "Dubya" set this series of catastrophes into motion, Obama predictably furthers and enlarges them. Whatever the real hidden agenda behind the Iran "deal", Obama made side-deals with all those allies to "sweeten" their assent to the Iran deal; give Israel billions in more arms and look the other way while the Occupied Territories are further illegally colonized, Egypt's military rulers to repress and execute critics/opponants with impunity, SA to bomb the civilians of Yemen with more US weapons, and Turkey to attack and bomb the Kurds who are (or were) the only force that actually could defeat Daesh - with deals like Obama gave away our future for endless war, death, and profits for the well-connected is assured.

As pathetic and false and destructive a leadership as ever was......


And Saudi Arabia will lead a human rights commission in the UN??? WTF?? Not a word of condemnation from our Spineless Obama??


I'm sorry, I had to put in spaces, because CD doesn't let me put links. But it should be up. Thank you for trying, I am really hoping get get more signatures...... It's really more difficult than it seemed at first.


I just tried your link, with the spaces removed, and it also didn't work for me. I disagree with Yunzer's disparagement of your efforts. Any positive efforts can seem "useless" when there are no easy solutions, and solving--that is, transforming--the U.S.-Saudi anti-human-rights relationship presents no obvious, easy solution. Speaking up to save this young man's life is entirely positive, whether or not those who hold the levers are listening (they will have to when the movement for peace grows strong enough, and what you're doing is a contribution towards that day). Perhaps you can share a better link.


That is condemnable, but so is the structure of the UN itself: an eminently un-democratic UN Security Panel, every member of which lacks true human rights credentials, reigns supreme over the democratic General Assembly on major questions of the use of force.


All together now: do do do do...

"Well a spoonful of oil helps the medicine go down,
The medicine go down,
The medicine go down..."

C'mon now guys and gals, our morally upstanding government representatives can't carry this tune forever without us.


Damn it, this piece should not have ended without phone numbers of the US State Department, White House, and perhaps Saudi Embassy. Tweets are useless, we need to direct our shrieks of outrage where they could conceivably do some good--probably more useful to pressure the US (or UK) agencies than the Saudis directly.


Here is the comment link for the US State Dept. https://register.state.gov/contactus/contactusform
Give 'em hell! Now! If the US government leaned on them, the Saudis would not do this. Enough loud pressure from citizens could force them to speak up.


I asked the Dept. of State to strongly object to the judicial murder of this youth by crucifixion or any other means. Thanks for providing the link. I have copied it and will use it as needed.


Link works fine now: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-supporting-oppressive-and-abusive-saudi-government



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