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You've Been Duped. The Affordable Care Act Isn't Raising Your Premiums. Republicans Are


You've Been Duped. The Affordable Care Act Isn't Raising Your Premiums. Republicans Are.

J. Mario Molina

As I watch the debate unfold over repeal of the Affordable Care Act, I keep thinking about the Hans Christian Anderson story "The Emperor's New Clothes." In the story, the emperor's weavers convince him that they have made him clothes of special cloth, invisible to those too stupid to appreciate their beauty. The emperor parades through town stark naked, and his subjects are too afraid to state the obvious until one little boy blurts out that the emperor has no clothes. The emperor looks down and realizes the boy is right.

  • Obamacare leaves 30 million people uninsured.
  • Obamacare creates staffing shortages at healthcare facilities.
  • Obamacare forces patients out of the network of their choice.
  • Obamacare traps corporate slaves into an employer-based system.
  • Obamacare punishes the uninsured with a healthcare flat-tax.
  • Obamacare relies on state republicans to add money for expanded coverage.
  • Obamacare allows speculators to choose our medications instead of doctors.

Yes, the regressive republicans are going to hell. Their plan is don’t get sick. However: the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Both plans suck!

Repeal Obamacare
Repeal Trumpcare
Medicare 4 ALL!


We don’t need Health Insurance, no matter how this ex-Insurance CEO frames it.

We need Health Care.

The Parasite Insurance Industry is an Unnecessary, Corrupt Middleman.


Indeed. While the republicans’ health care plan is a nightmare, trying to fight for the already incredibly flawed obamacare is a losing battle. There needs to be a push for a strong healthcare plan the people can agree on.


Single Payer with Universal Healthcare/Medicare for ALL Americans is the only way to go! You’re right, LL_in_Exile! Both plans are lousy and should immediately be replaced by Single Payer with Universal Healthcare/Medicare for ALL Americans!


This author is the problem.


I agree single payer is the only answer. But I think you’re missing some information.

I was disappointed that we didn’t get a public option. But the GOP was not going to budge an inch. He did Something, and I am glad, because I am alive today because of it.

Although Americans seem to have total amnesia about the 1980s and 1990s, we were in the midst of the “Health Care Crisis” then. Prices jumped the rails while Reagan was in office, and HMO premiums were going up 30% a year as they were throwing people off plans left and right.

In the film, “As Good As it Gets,” Helen Hunt is under great stress to get treatment for her critically ill daughter. She shouts “What do you expect? It’s a f*cking HMO!”

For MONTHS, audiences stood up and gave that line a standing ovation in theaters. The same year, Michael Moore released “Sicko,” a damning portrait of for-profit care in the US.

Obama was elected shortly after. It seemed the US was finally to do the right thing. But The GOP would not discuss any option but private, and helped create the law in bad faith continuing to sabatoge it. (will explain in my comment.)

Now, it’s frankly amazing. People remember that no one was denied for a preexisting condition before Obama, and that everyone was able to pay for health care because it was so cheap.

I even debated with a guy who said before Obamacare, treatment for autism was completely free in the US!! (I was able to find reports from 1985 and 1995 about families of these children going bankrupt paying for their care, which averaged $1.5 million!) Something odd has happened with Obamacare.

Your points:

》The increase ACA cites is net. Under the ACA, it was first reported, 4.6 million lost their individual coverage. In the vast majority of cases, these were junk policies ACA had made illegal – they took your premiums and didn’t pay out.

These people did not stay uncovered, however. The ACA worked with them to find alternative policies. Some chose to take the 1% of income penalty instead … you would think the way people have gone on about it, it was twice your income!

Over time the methodologies of the original 4.6 million count was questioned, and several studies done. In the end, about 2.6 million is close to the number of people whose policies were canceled, the vast majority of them soon replaced.

That 30 million figure is closer to the AHCA (GOP) bill. ???

》 Under ACA medical facilities got additional funding to hire staff and even build additional facilities. A number of rural hospitals and clinics have announced they will be forced to lay off staff and even shut down if ACA is overtutned.

Obviously in poor areas, there were suddenly a lot of people finally getting health care for the first time, and the staff in place wasn’t prepared for the increase in patients. What you’ve written makes it sound like ACA actually reduced staff size, which is completely false.

》 I did get lucky. I got to keep my excellent plan and doctors and I have paid between $120 and $180 a month. Under COBRA,it was $750 a month and under the GOP plan it would be $1,700 a month – more than my Disability income – so my treatment for my chronic illness would be gone.

I do live in a larger city, but I had over a dozen plans to choose from. When I have changed jobs I have only ever had one option. How many choices is enough?

》 Corporate slaves into an employer based system? Huh? No, that’s largely the point of Obamacare.

When the ACA came along, many of my friends took advantage of having insurace that was NOT employer based and started home businesses. I have friends who are farmers and work for themselves who are on ACA. I don’t understand what you’re talking sbout.

》A healthcare flat tax? You mean the penalty? It’s not flat. It doesn’t kick in until a certain income. For 6 years it was 1% of your income and last year it went to 3.

》 I don’t believe it says anywhere that Republicans had to pay for expansions and Democratic states got it for free, did it? And the states that have it want it continued.

》 I got news for you, doctors don’t choose meds either. Almost every insurance plan has formularies. Whenever I have changed jobs I have had to change my meds. Ultimately insurace decides.

So, sorry, but - ACA needs improvement. But nothing you have listed above applies to Obammacare.