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'You've Been Trumped!' (And the War That Followed)


'You've Been Trumped!' (And the War That Followed)

Tom Engelhardt

Every election needs an organizing catchphrase and that goes doubly for the Republican presidential race, with 16 candidates having entered the fray and more on the way.


It’s hell to live in a country where these clowns ejaculate such thoughts to a population largely devoid of critical thinking skills. TPTB have eviscerated the values of the country so that the country will safeguard its precious (and ill gotten) bounty throughout the world (“take back the oil” mentality). Absent a true renaissance in education (not training) I feel the military-police state will further strangle civilizing forces until the masses have been completely infantilized.


The usual “blame voters” Talking Point “mysteriously” emerges prior to 9 a.m. to infest the threads with this particular slant (a/k/a LIE told often).

“It’s hell to live in a country where these clowns ejaculate such thoughts to population largely devoid of critical thinking skills.”

If you read Mary Bottari’s piece you’d recognize that in places like Wisconsin and Texas, voting outcomes are pre-engineered to favor well-funded sociopaths. Districts are drawn to produce specific outcomes.

These shit bags don’t get a majority of votes. Therefore, to posit that because perhaps 30% of eligible voters–and they DO tend to be angry white males who identify with the “white conservative Christian brand”–vote for these morons, that this minority gets to define the supposed national character is erroneous. In addition, it’s a continuation of the white male dominator “ethos” in that it draws from the acts and preferences of mostly white males a supposed accurate depiction of ALL citizens.

It is a false frame and a false construct. And it’s used here OFTEN.

As is always the case with this oft’ repeated indictment, no honest attention is brought to ALL of the following:

  1. constant conditioning for war, threats of outsiders, and romanticizing this macho idea of “Defense”
  2. Hollywood sexing up the soldier image as hero
  3. BIG money funding elections and BIG money required by any would-be viable candidates
  4. The capture of media where ALL pundits stay On Point in repeating the same lock-step narratives (Robert Parry is particularly keen on pointing out how this works)
  5. The media black-out to 3rd party contenders
  6. Gerrymandering and other means (like the Supreme Court, touch-screen voting machines, etc.) for controlling vote counts and thus outcomes
  7. The electoral college

In spite of these FAR greater conditioning and control mechanisms, you and your “first up” pals relentlessly turn all logistics onto voters. This is particularly galling in a phase where the authentic tools of a truly functioning Democracy have broken down.


The US has been at war almost my whole life. And yet, politicians claim it is a peace-loving nation. Double think. There will always be an “enemy”, a rationale for war and war unless there’s fundamental changes in this country.


These guys are playing a dangerous game of one-upmanship. I’m afraid it is a version of “loose lips sink ships”. Their loose talk may commit them to rash action which will further damage US stature in the international community and bring their war home. How can the electorate know whether or not they have a real strategy to confront and contain radical Islam when they are all playing Rambo? Their tough talk (remember “bring 'em on”) may play well in corner bars, but I trust most voters want better than what this Repulsican menagerie has spouted so far.


Ah, I get it. They are all saying a variation of the same thing. It’s part of the party strategy. Further spiraling down the fascist rabbit hole. Oh no!


There’s only one Republican that can trump Trump, and that’s the Sickster himself, the previous “vice president.”


Republicans are the entropy in the system.


Take back the oil. Once you go over and take back that oil, they have nothing. You bomb the hell out of them, and then you encircle it, and then you go in.
open letter (satirical)


Your quote just rings in my head. I can’t seem to forget it.

But other than that, thank you for predicting quite a revealing summary analysis of the recent past in America’s Middle East policy.
On the somewhat positive side, I like your “take BACK” phrasing, reminding me that the darn oil belongs to the USA anyway.
Common sense shows that it’s perfectly permissible, almost gentlemanly, to bomb the hell out of the poor people of the region. The USA is just getting its own oil back after those people stole it off us and and hid it under the ground.
Americans have already had to suffer the excruciating agony of higher gasoline prices from time to time, as the foreign exploitation of legitimate American needs and cravings has escalated over past decades (especially when helped along by custom events, if you know what I mean.)
When it comes to what Americans have to pay at the pump, it’s clear that any foreign people of a different religion and color who that would do that to Americans simply deserves to be shredded by Hellfire missiles. And hang the cost. We’re talking good and evil here.

A Citizen


Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo…


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Trump is delusional, a curious mixture of delusions of grandeur and of omnipotence, born of great wealth. That the pollsters put him at the apex of the Republican menagerie ought to scare the hell out of the financiers of the industrial nations who are the benefactors of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. No wonder the Brazilians, Russians, Indians, Chinese, and whatever people of Singapore are called,–the BRICS-- are trying to set up their own banking and currency system.


Not trying to be a smart ass here, but just wanted to let you know the S in BRICS is South Africa.


If Hillary Clinton is elected people should have no doubt that she’d the U.S. uping troop levels in current places like Iraq & Afghanistan while targeting a NEW country for the endless war policy of the U.S. As Sec, of State Hillary TRUMPED Sec.of Defense & PUSHED for the ATTACK ON LIBYA,to overthrow Quadafi (pardon spelling). I wish my fellow white,Baby Boomer “feminists” culd see past the most narrowly defined “identity politics” to see that Hillary is a Wall Street sponsored WARMONGER…which are NOT feminist values.


We just look like the most stupid country to the rest of the world. I would like to tell Trump
“You’re fired!”


No sarcasm intended. I enjoyed your insight. Since most of the 16 are reading from the same script, it may well be the party’s agenda.