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Yup, More Mission Creep: US Defense Announces 500 More for Endless War


Yup, More Mission Creep: US Defense Announces 500 More for Endless War

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Further escalating the United States' involvement in the campaign against the Islamic State (or ISIS), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced Monday the deployment of 560 additional American forces to Iraq.

The announcement was made two days after the Iraqi military reportedly seized the Qayyarrah Air Base, which lies 40 miles south of Mosul, and the troop deployment was billed as a way to support local forces in retaking that ISIS-held city.


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Mission Creep:...The Creep of Lies...
It's one,two, three four....what are we fighting for?..... I'll be damned if it's Viet-nam again......Afgan-is-tam.
Iraq- Lebannon, Syria, Yemen,Afganistan...... Iran on deck.

The Green Monk


USA, USA Come on now boys. Take the good fight to those bad guys. We got our retirement plan invested in oil stocks. We support our troops. We need you to put your meat on the line to bring home our bacon. Do not worry about what you do there. As soon as you get back to the states we will forget all about you.


When the fuck will the War on Error begin?


It will take more than 500 troops to fight an "endless war." Not to mention that the strategy is only failing because we won't let loose and prosecute the war as though we want to win. Too much equivocating and pussy-footing around.

Also...this rubbish I see about sending troops that are tranny's and brown people is just so asinine it's ridiculous. Our army is made up of VOLUNTEERS. Nobody has to join if they don't want to. Nobody is being drafted and "sent to die" because they're brown or gay or purple! LOL!

At least ATTEMPT to think critically.