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Zarif Resigns, Then Returns with Stronger Hand

Zarif Resigns, Then Returns with Stronger Hand

Dina Esfandiary

When Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announced his resignation through a cryptic post on Instagram, everyone was taken by surprise. This was a risky but clever ploy for a vote of confidence at a time where both he and his ministry were suffering from being ignored, attacked, or kept out of the loop. Today, Zarif is back at work, and with a stronger hand to tackle upcoming regional and international issues.

Thank you Ms. Esfandiary for this information. I could surf the M$M for days before I would find this, if ever. While I won’t do a happy dance for the current Iranian administration, I certainly don’t think old walrus breath would breathe any health into the Middle East if/when he were to get his warring way.